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3 Easy Ways to Retrieve Deleted Outlook Group

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Just like your mobile contacts, Microsoft Outlook makes so that you can easily send emails. Additionally, users can create a Contact Group out of their Contacts List. This is called the distribution list that gets stored in the Contacts folder. But, due to Outlook file corruption, malware attack, or some other factor, the user may lose this contact group list. Don’t worry, I will tell 3 easy ways to retrieve deleted Outlook group.

The first two methods will describe manual ways to restore the deleted distribution list or Outlook contact lists. The third method is the automated way to recover lost Outlook groups of contacts. If you have already tried all the manual ways and failed, you can download this tool to recover deleted items in Microsoft Outlook.

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Manual Methods to Restore Deleted Outlook Contact Group

Losing contacts from your email client can be mind-boggling. As it might contain business contacts, clients’ email ids, or your friends’ contacts. It’s very important that you take suitable measures that carefully receiver lost contacts and not further complicate it. Because sometimes PST files get highly damaged that is beyond repair. Follow the below guidelines to restore the deleted Outlook contact group:

Recover Deleted Contact Group from ‘Deleted Items’ folder

All the soft-deleted items in outlook move to the ‘Deleted Items’ / Trash folder. You should first check these folders for the deleted contact group. Below are the steps to restore a distribution list from the Outlook ‘Deleted Items’ folder:

  • Start the Microsoft Outlook application and navigate to the email folders list. Choose ‘Deleted Items’ Folder.
  • If your ‘Deleted Items’ folder is flooded with numerous Outlook items then, you should find your desired items by typing its name in the Search Deleted Items box.
  • After that, choose the desired contact group and click ‘Move’ option >> Other Folder
  • Move Items panel will pop up and click on the Contacts folder and click OK

The distribution list/ contact group will get restored to the ‘My Contacts’ folder.

Retrieve Deleted Contact Group From Server

If your ‘Deleted Item’ folder gets emptied or your desired item gets permanently erased by accidental deletion (pressing Shift + delete). And, you have an Exchange Server connection to your account, you can still recover your Outlook item. But there is a condition if your deleted item has not exceeded the retention period.

Admin can set the retention of deleted items up to 30 days or less. After the retention period, users cannot recover deleted items from the exchange server. But, if you haven’t exceeded the retention days of your server, then follow these below steps to retrieve the deleted contact group:

  • Launch the Outlook program and go to the email folder list.
  • Select Deleted Items
  • Make sure the ‘Home’ option is selected and click on Recover Deleted Items from Server

Note: If you don’t have an Exchange server connection then, the ‘Recover Deleted Items from Server’ option is disabled in your account.

  • After that, select all the deleted contact group /distribution list that you want to recover and click on ‘Restore Selected Items’ >> click OK

Once your desired deleted Outlook item recovered from the Recoverable Items folder, it will move to the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. From there you can easily restore it back. (see manual method 1).

Professional Solution to Retrieve Deleted Outlook Group

If the above methods do not work out for your situation, this is because your Outlook group has been permanently removed. This is a case of hard deletion. Only a professional automated tool can recover deleted items in Outlook.

One such tool is SysTools Outlook Deleted Items Recovery tool. The most unique thing about this software is that it has a RAW scanning feature. It will scan your Outlook files bit-by-bit. In this way, you have a 100% recovery of permanently deleted Outlook items.

retrieve deleted Outlook group

The tool has the following features:

  • It recovers permanently / hard deleted Outlook items – Emails, Contacts, Distribution List, Calendar items, Tasks, Notes, and journals.
  • It recovers both the Outlook system folder and user-generated Outlook folders.
  • This tool retrieves deleted items from PST, OST, and BAK files.
  • The tool can export items to a healthy PST, EML, PDF, MSG, and HTML.
  • You can also migrate your Outlook items to Office 360 Outlook account.
  • This tool gives you the option to selectively export items.
  • It will recover all Outlook items and deleted items will appear in RED in color in the software preview panel.
  • It will also retrieve deleted Outlook attachments.

You can easily run the tool as it works in 4 phases: Open Outlook files > scan > preview items > Export.


You can easily retrieve deleted Outlook group or distribution list. Firstly, check the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. You can also check your ‘Recover Deleted Items from Server’ folder if not found in the ‘Deleted Items’ / ‘Trash’ folder. For this, you must have a server connection. If these methods fail you must go for professional automated tools as I mentioned above. There are other tools as well. But, only the above tool provides Raw scanning features that promise a 100% recovery.