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Want to Import Password Protected PST file to Lotus Notes? Here You Go!

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“One of our colleagues left the organization in which his PST file is password protected. As part of our ongoing project, I am working on Lotus Notes email application. Now, I am in serious trouble as I need to access this PST file in Lotus Notes application. Is there any techniques to import password protected PST file to Lotus Notes. So that I can access this Outlook data in IBM Notes email program which consists of important data with regards to the undertaken project.”

Similar such queries can be seen in different technical forums wherein users want to know some appropriate solution to import password-protected PST file to the Lotus Notes email application. Unfortunately, most of the users fail to find some accurate solutions for the same. As a result, we have come up with this post to help users find the right solution to meet their challenging demands while converting encrypted PST files to Lotus Notes.

Considering the security of the important data, most business organizations prefer using Lotus Notes as their primary email application. There are various reasons for the same, firstly it offers enhanced data security options. With the centralized domino server, users need not have to worry about accessing the data. As a result, one can easily access the data irrespective of the location. Users can work collaboratively due to the facility to share information with one another. With all these reasons, it makes a powerful factor to migrate from the default email application like Outlook to Lotus Notes.

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How to Import Password Protected PST file to Lotus Notes Using Manual Method?

Most of the users search for the manual method at first to transfer password-protected PST file to Lotus Notes. However, it is a matter of fact that there is no manual solution to fulfill this requirement. After knowing this makes the user panic to find the immediate techniques for the same. So, do not worry, you will shortly going to know a versatile solution for the same in the upcoming section.

PST to NSF Converter – An Ultimate Solution for your Challenging Conversion Problems

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Due to the absence of the manual method, availing of some reliable third-party tools is the wisest option. For that, we would highly recommend using Outlook to Notes converter. Now, you might be wondering what makes this tool more efficient among others? This tool offers a wide range of feature-rich options wherein users having less technical expertise can also implement the file conversion process from PST to NSF format in a hassle-free way.

So, let’s know the reasons one by one!

Noteworthy Features of Conversion Tool

  • Support bulk conversion of Outlook PST file using Add Folder option
  • Convert entire PST mailbox items like emails, contacts, etc. to NSF file format
  • Deployed to convert password protected PST file in Lotus Notes application
  • Capable enough to convert corrupted PST file to NSF file format
  • Option to apply “date-filter” option to export data within PST mailbox item selectively
  • A customized filter such as the option to create a separate NSF file for contacts” in which a new NSF file for contacts will be created
  • Using the “Select Categories” option, one can easily export the desired Outlook data items to Lotus Notes NSF file format
  • Does not require Outlook configuration to import password protected PST file to Lotus Notes
  • Compatible on all versions of Lotus Notes including the latest v10.0. 9.0, 8.5, etc.

Let’s Understand the Tool’s Working to Migrate Encrypted PST to Lotus Notes

  • At first, you need to download and run the software to import password protected PST file to Lotus Notes.
  • Now, upload the PST file via Add File (s) or Add Folder option. convert encrypted pst to nsf
  • From the upcoming window, choose “Select Categories” option to export selective Outlook data items. 
  • Using “date-filter” option, users need to set the date ranges to migrate selective data within each PST mailbox item. 
  • By availing different customized filters, users can choose different customized options such as option to “Maintain Folder Hierarchy”, “Exclude Deleted Items”, etc.
  • In case if users want to create a separate NSF file for contacts. Then, simply choose the option corresponding to “Create separate NSF file for contacts”. 
  • Once the required filters are applied, simply click the Export button to begin converting PST files to NSF format.
  • At last, you may see the converted NSF file saved at the mentioned path which can be later imported to Lotus Notes email program

The Closing Lines

With the changing business need, there comes a need to import password protected PST files to Lotus Notes when the email application is switched from Outlook to Lotus Notes. As there is so native workaround for the same, it is best suggested to avail the automated solution described for avail precise results.