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Save Office 365 Emails to PST – What you can do About it?

save Office 365 emails to PST
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The demand for best emailing clients and their services has raised and become the most popular services for the user. Office 365 and Outlook (brand name of Microsoft) both have their specialized services but due to some reasons may increase which convinces the users to Save office 365 emails to PST. Office 365 doesn’t provide an option to take the hard backup of their data.

So in this write-up, we will discuss the need to convert Office 365 emails to PST and the methods to save your crucial Office 365 emails to PST.

Office 365

As we already discussed the fact that Office 365 is Microsoft’s brand name which has Microsoft Office and many other services, like email and association, from the cloud server. Office 365 also includes many several features like Publisher, Skype, OneNote, Access, etc. by which Office 365 became popular within a short term of time.

Whereas an e-mail client launches as a part of Microsoft Office suite i.e. Outlook mostly used to email, maintain calendars, taking note, etc. Outlook preserve information and data in two file formats – OST and PST.

Needs to Save Office 365 Emails to PST

Below are some scenarios when the user wants to backup Office 365 emails to PST:

 Office 365 doesn’t provide any built-in option to save Office 365 emails to PST file.

  • Archive Office 365 emails on local computer – By exporting Office 365 emails to the PST file, the user can preserve the Office 365 emails to their local drive and as per their requirements of work.
  • Decrease the size of Office 365 emails – Saving Office 365 Emails to PST the user can also reduce the size of their Office 365 by keeping the backup of Office 365 emails in PST file format.

How to Save Office 365 Emails to PST?

Need backup Office 365 emails to PST successfully then we provided you two options

  • Manual Method
  • Expert Solution

Manual Method to Save Office 365 Emails to PST

  • Login to Office 365 Account with the valid credentials
  • Navigate the Admin and choose the Exchange option
  • Tap on permission from the left side. Navigate the Admin Roles and choose the Discovery Management
  • Navigate the Discovery Management and hit the + sign to add the Roles
  • Hit the email Export/Import option
  • Under the Members, hit the + sign again and tap on the name of the user
  • Hit the Save button after finishing the above steps
  • Now navigate the Compliance Management > in-place eDiscovery & hold and hit the New(+) button
  • Under In-place eDiscovery & Hold dialogue box, fill the name and hit the Next button
  • Select all the emails by clicking on Search all E-mails or you can also select the specify emails by clicking on Specify emails to search option 
  • A new dialogue box In-place Hold Settings will appear from here you can describe the number of days for which the emails are to be kept before deleted from the server
  • Then, hit the Finish button
  • Click on Close button once you will get a confirmation message
  • All your generated search are listed, finally, you can now click on the downward arrow to export your .pst files

Consequences of the Manual Method

  • Manual method for Save Office 365 emails to PST take a lot of time and is a very lengthy method
  • It only permits you to export emails; you cannot export selective data such as emails, calendars, etc.
  • The manual method also doesn’t provide a filter to export items
  • It requires technical assistance to save Office 365 emails to PST. Non-technical users may find it difficult to use this method.

Save Office 365 Emails to PST using Expert Solution

By this solution, one can easily backup Office 365 emails to PST. Follow the given steps:

  • Download and open Office 365 Export Tool in your Macintosh

Office 365 Backup

  • Fill the valid information of Office 365 admin center
Office 365
  • Choose PST option from the category menu
PST file format
  • Provide the destination location at where you need to preserve your resultant file
  • Click on Start Backup to start the process
Start Backup

Now move to the destination folder and verify your saved items.

Addition Features of the Tool

  • It permits you to export emails in 4+ file formats.
  • Provides an option of Include Folder to backup selected emails.
  • Provides an option of Delete after download the converted data from the server.
  • Assist you to import Office 365 contacts to Thunderbird
  • Highly compatible with version if Mac OS X
  • Also permits a user to convert contacts into VCF and calendar into ICS file format

Final Words

This article is all about to save Office 365 emails to PST. There are many reasons why the users need row export emails in PST file format. Through this article, you can get complete knowledge about both manual and expert methods to choose accordingly.Permits to take the backup of remote workers

But by saving Office 365 emails to PST using manual method needs technical knowledge. On the other side, the Office 365 expert tool permits you to save emails to PST doesn’t need any technical knowledge.