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Safe Office 365 Migration Tool for Users – Easy Steps

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We will be mentioning the best Office 365 migration tool ever to safely transfer the data. It is known that migrating the entire Office 365 Mailbox can be a handful of a situation. But you do not have to worry as the tool is the best ever solution. This tool will make the migration process so easy that users can be stress-free and focus on their work. This tool is capable of securely moving data from Office 365 to other platforms and has a high success rate. Users can migrate unlimited Office 365 cloud data i.e., Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Documents of other platforms with the Office 365 mailbox migration tool provided by the tool.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this tool migrates and what are the features provided. We will also be learning the steps of the migration process performed by the tool.

What Does the Office 365 Migration Tool Transfer?

The software can help you to migrate all the items of the mailbox in Office 365 efficiently and take only a small amount of time to perform the migration process. The items included in the mailbox are as follows:

  1. Emails – Using the Office 365 mailbox migration tool, you can transfer any size of emails along with the attachments from all the mail folders to G Suite. The folder hierarchy remains the same and all the important attributes like Subject, Single or Multiple TO/CC/BCC are also not modified..
  2. Contacts – The contacts including one or more Email Addresses, Business, Home, and Mobile Number, IM address, Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and many more can be migrated to the designated G Suite user account.
  3. Documents – Documents from Office 365 can be migrated to G Suite along with the folder and file permission from the source account. The Office 365 migration tool transfers OneDrive data and maintains the folder structure as per the one before migration.
  4. Calendars – Calendar from Office 365 can be moved without any hindrances. All the details in the Calendar including Folder Color, Location, Attendees status, Reminders, and All Day Event remain untouched after the migration.

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Now that you know what the tool can transfer, let’s take a look at what features are provided.

Salient Features of the Office 365 Migration Tool

These are the features provided by the tool to you for the best experience in migrating Office 365 to other platforms.

  1. Migrating Office 365 – All the important data from the mailbox in Office 365 is migrated to other platforms in a short span of time.
  2. Import Desired Data – The Office 365 mailbox migration tool provides a Date filter which can be used to move selective data. This filter lets you choose a date from and till the date you want to move the data. It is applicable on all the items of the mailbox.
  3. Smooth User Interface – The interface of the tool is simple and self-explanatory. Multiple accounts can be transferred with the help of this flexible and self-guided interface.
  4. Unlimited Data Transfer – There is no restriction on the size of the users sent to the targeted destination user account. The software allows you to move single or multiple users’ data to the destination account without making any changes to the data.
  5. Maintain Folder Hierarchy – The robust functionalities of the Office 365 migration tool: maintaining the folder structure is another major feature. The software doesn’t make any changes to the structure of the folders after the migration process and users find the folders with the same structure at the destination account.
  6. Advance Settings – In this feature, you can effectively transfer data from one platform to another by using the “Concurrent Migration” option. There are two options provided in “Advance Settings” which are:
  7. Enable Multiple Accounts: This option is used to migrate multiple accounts or projects at the same time.
  8. Concurrent Migration: It enables you to set the maximum number of users to be moved per project.

Steps of Office 365 mailbox Migration Tool

  1. First of all, download the software and launch it.
  1. Choose the destination that you want to move your Office 365 data to. Mark the “Mailbox Items” and apply “Date Filter” from the “Workload Section”.
Start screen
  1. Select the source as “Office 365” and enter the “Admin Credentials” and click on “Validate”.
  1. Choose the destination as “G Suite” and input the “Admin Credential” and hit “Validate”.
again enter domains
  1. Select the fetching process of your choice and again click on “Validate”.
start the migration
  1. Click on the “Start Migration” button to begin migration process in the Office 365 migration tool.
start the migration

After the migration process is finished, users are given an option to save the report of the resultant data by choosing either of the following options:

  • Summary Report – This option saves a CSV file of the user data that has been migrated.
  • Detailed Report – A detailed report of each user data is saved by using this option.

There are also three re-run migration process modes provided for users:

  • Retry Failed Items: To migrate the failed or skipped data from the previous migration process.
  • Re-Run Migration: In case you want to start the entire migration process again.
  • Delta Migration: It migrates the newly arrived data to avoid duplicity.

Why choose this Office 365 Mailbox Migration Tool? 

The following are the reasons that the users cannot avoid and will want to go for the tool.

  • A priority feature is provided for early migration.
  • Fetching process has multiple options such as: “Fetch Users”, “Import Users”, and “Download Template”.
  • Option to enable or disable permissions and mapping like: “User Migration Permission” and “User Group Mapping” by the Office 365 migration tool.
  • User can view the progress of the migration process in real-time.
  • Multiple mailboxes can be transferred in a single attempt.

Wrapping Up

There are multiple features that the Office 365 migration tool provides. Users can make the full use of this software without losing any data. There is also a demo version that two users can use for 2 full migration licenses and take the benefit of the features. The software saves a lot of time and makes it easy for the users to move Office 365 to other platforms. This Office 365 mailbox migration tool is compatible with the Windows 10 (64 bit) version.