Office 365 Backup Wizard

Best Microsoft 365 Backup Application to Effeciently Backup O365 Data

  • Backup O365 Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Documents Offline
  • Backup & Export Office 365 Emails to Outlook PST File
  • Scdedule Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup & OneDrive Document Backup
  • Apply Date Filter to Backup of Selective Office 365 Data
  • Store Resultant Microsoft 365 Backup At Any Location Path
  • Office 365 Backup Tool Backup O365 Data by Saving Offline Copies Locally
  • O365 Backup Wizard Supports In-Place Office 365 Data Backup
  • Allow to Create a Backup Before Deleting All Emails from Office 365
*Free Download of Office 365 Backup Wizard is only for evaluation and provides backup of limited data only

Why Should Choose SYSDaddy Office 365 Backup Wizard?

Creating backup of cloud accounts is also important to prevent data from hackers. However, this is a challenging task to find a reliable solution to backup Microsoft 365 data. If you are looking for the best and secure tool then SYSDaddy Microsoft 365 backup wizard is the first choice. This app allows you to quickly backing up the Office 365 data like emails, contacts, calendars and more to the local drive. This software is capable enough to create a backup if your Office 365 eDiscovery Export Tool Not Working. It supports to bulk backup of Outlook 365 data in a single attempt. The software works well with all editions of Windows and Mac OS machines. Additionally, this tool can be used when you want to migrate emails from Office 365 to G Suite.

Key Features of Microsoft 365 Backup Software

Safeguard O365 Data

Safeguard O365 Data

Office 365 Backup Application easily secure your Offline copies of Microsoft 365 data into PST format at any location on the computer without any purchase a different tool for the same. This file then can be used efficiently with other application in different available versions.

Backup Microsoft 365 Data in Bulk

Backup Microsoft 365 Data in Bulk

This tool is capable enough to create backup of multiple Office 365 users cloud data in required format at local computer at once. User only need to login as Office 365 admin and add CSV file including all source IDs data then Microsoft 365 backup application will start its backup process.

Date Filter

Date Filter for Selective Backup

The user can perform a better backup Office 365 data using this software. It provides an option featured to filter selective items to be downloaded on the basis of a time interval or choose a folder. The program allows saving only the needed O365 data items which is more important to be backup locally.

Naming Convention Option

Naming Convention Option

While creating a backup from O365, the Office 365 backup application enables a naming convention option in a user-friendly manner. One can use a preferred name to the resultant file created during backup Office 365 data. This software let you creating a backup of bulk data from Microsoft 365 and provide a name to it.

Sustain Folder Hierarchy

Sustain Folder Hierarchy

After the data is backed up, the Microsoft 365 Backup Wizard will maintain the exact folder structure of entire data. O365 Backup Application keeps all the meta data properties throughout the process. The original structure of the Office 365 data will not be changed even a bit and you will get the same backed up file as it was earlier.

Pause & Resume O365 Backup

Pause & Resume Microsoft 365 Backup

The Office 365 backup wizard offers several advanced features, and Pause and Resume is one of them. This option is activated during the backup Office 365 data process. It is a very useful option when internet connection is lost. Then you can easily pause the running process with the Pause button and continue if necessary with Resume option.

Working Steps of SYSDaddy Microsoft 365 Backup Application
  • Step 1
    Download Office 365 Backup Wizard

    Run Software and Select O365 Categories

  • Step 2
    Enter Credentials

    Enter Admin Email and Application ID in Panel

  • Step 3
    Backup Successfully

    Backup Office 365 Data into Given Options.

Office 365 Backup Wizard
Microsoft Office 365 Backup Software
Enter Credentials
Backup Office 365 data
Office 365 Backup Wizard Specifications
Try Demo Version of Microsoft 365 Backup Software

O365 Backup Tool Download

Size : 89.9 MB

Version : 5.9.2

Demo Limitations

The demo version of the Microsoft Office 365 Backup Application provide support to backup data from 2 user accounts.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
500 MB free hard disk space


Minimum 8 core Processor 2.3 GHz Processor


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.6
  • Create Console Project for both Source & Destination accounts
  • Destination users should be already created at destination location.

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows 11(64-bit) / 10(64-bit) & Windows Server 2012 / 2016

What Clients Say About SYSDaddy Office 365 Backup Wizard?

There are many applications to backup Office 365 data for Mac. But I am not satisfied with any of these software available on the internet. When I used the SYSDaddy Microsoft Office 365 backup software for Mac, it successfully backed up all of my data within minutes. Thank you, team !!

User Review Office 365 Backup utility

Alice John

Office 365 Backup application is an excellent solution for backing up entire data from Microsoft 365 in Windows OS. There are many other amazing features in this software, and all of them are very useful and effective. Although I used the Date Filter to backup some selective O365 data. This Microsoft 365 backup wizard helps to backup Office 365 on the Windows 11 operating system. Great job developer.

Office 365 Backup Tool User


Office 365 Backup Wizard Review Review Microsoft Office 365 Backup Software
Yes, the Microsoft Office 365 Backup wizard allows the user to backup Office 365 data in a very secure manner. It does not share any personal account details to any other third-party application.
Yes, after you backup Microsoft 365 data using Office 365 backup utility, you can delete your data successfully. Using the backup option, you can automatically remove all traces of important files from Microsoft cloud storage and rely on the local form of the Office 365 data file. By doing this your data will be no longer available on the cloud. Which removes any possibility of misuse.
Impersonation facility is only available for Admin user in Microsoft Office 365 Backup software. If the Admin user wants to backup entire data from Office 365 account then he/she can use impersonation option.
The user can perform an effective Microsoft Office 365 backup to desired format. The O365 Backup tool provides an option Featured to filter selective items to be backed up on the basis of a time interval or selected folder. It enables to only backup the needed Office 365 data which is more important to be backup locally.

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