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Migrate User from Office 365 to Exchange 2016 – Expert Method

Migrate User from Office 365 to Exchange 2016
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Office 365 is the platform where almost organizations head for today. Many companies need to stay on-premises due to some reasons. If you are using Office 365 and want to move back to the on-premises environment then read them throughout the article to know the possible options for the conversion.

One can migrate Office 365 to Exchange 2016 by using a third-party tool and the manual method.

Migrate User from Office 365 using an Automated Tool

This is the best possible option which is a simpler and quicker way to migrate Office 365 users. Using a third-party tool saves you a lot of time and extra effort. Using this tool you can easily manage the whole process via a single machine or you can also use multiple machines to speed up the process. This tool provides you a user-friendly interface.

The automated tool which connects you with Office 365 source environment and copies the user data directly on-premises Exchange. This tool is fully based to migrate user from Office 365 to Exchange 2016. You can perform as many migration jobs as you want to organize and schedule your migration tasks. The main aim to use a third-party tool is to make the conversion easier and speed up the migration process.

Migrate User within a Hybrid Setup

This option will be a good option if the user already has a hybrid environment up and working. In this situation the migration process became simple. You only need to create a migration batch in your Office 365 choose users one by one or you can also upload the CSV file with users you need to move. Run the migration and wait till the migration process is completed then and then remove the batch that you created.

If you don’t have the hybrid setup in place then you need to do a lot of preparations and planning. Or you can get help from the step-by-step procedure on how can you use Hybrid Configuration Wizard.

Migrate using PST Import/Export

This process is the last option you can do as it consists of a lot of manual work and is not a perfect solution. One can use this method if you want to migrate a small number of mailboxes and also have some extra time for the migration process. The whole concept depends upon how to download the mailbox data to the PST file on your local storage, and then upload the file to the targeted machine. The Exchange on-premises provide you the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet to make this automatic and effortless. Whereas Office 365 lacks when it comes to the same functionality that requires more creativity.

There are two ways you can follow to Migrate User from Office 365 to Exchange 2016. The first one is to move it by the manual technique. The other one is the third party tool.

So let’s move to the migration process using the automated solution.

How to Migrate User from Office 365 to Exchange 2016 using an Automated Solution

 This is an all in one method to transfer the user from Office 365 using and expert approach. One can transfer it by following these steps:

  • Download and install the Office 365 backup tool

Office 365 Backup

  • Fill the valid credential of Office 365 account to the panel
  • Go to the Export format option to select the desired file format
PST format
  • Browse the destination location for your resultant file
  • Hit the Start backup button to initiate the process

Features of the Tool

  • Allow the user to transfer contacts and calendars to ICS and VCF file format.
  • Save the original structure of the file and folder during conversion.
  • Authenticate the user to delete the data from the server using the delete after downloading option.
  • Instruct you to import Office 365 contacts to Outlook.
  • Permits you to backup Office 365 Outlook.
  • Additionally, allow the user to pause and resume the running process.


Users are searching for how to Migrate User from Office 365 to Exchange 2016 for a long time but they don’t get any reliable solution. So in this write-up, we provide you all the possible ways to get your work done in a trouble-free manner. The all-in-one solution that also assists you to migrate data from Office 365 to Apple Mail, the user can follow the step-by-step automated conversion process for the effortless conversion.