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Import XLSX into Outlook 2010 – Complete Solution

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Multiple users were looking for a solution to import XLSX into Outlook 2010 if you are one of them then you came to the right place. Here we will be going to introduce all the possible methods to accomplish this task. Before moving directly towards you working are the methods first you have to understand what is an XLSX file?

What is an XLSX File?

As we know that Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that is used to organize and store data in the form of tables. Each cell or container in MS Excel stores text and all numerical information and authorize us to apply mathematical formulas on them.

In Microsoft Office 2007 spreadsheet is created in XLSX file format. Microsoft Excel introduces this format due to effectively managing the data. Nowadays XLSX file format is replaced by XLS file format that is used by MS Excel previously.

Now we know the XLSX file format is the updated version of MS Excel file format. But you may think about the ways import that file to Outlook in a productive manner.

Don’t worry in this article we will be going to introduce both manual and automated solutions tested by our expert to resolve your query constructively.

Import XLSX into Outlook 2010 using the Automated Solution

A simplest and reliable method to import XLSX into Outlook 2010 with the help of this automated tool.

Using the solution, one can easily execute such a task and the tool additional exclude the duplicate contacts and directly export the excel file into Outlook without any trouble.

The tool authorizes the user to map the Excel contacts in various fields like name, last name, address, email, etc.

This software permits the user to load and preview the excel file before conversion. the application supports all the formats of MS Excel like XSLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLSB, etc.

It will also create a distribution list for the contact group in Outlook for Excel contacts and exclude the empty email addresses to avoid the corruption issue. To know the working of the tool please go through the upcoming section.

Working of Excel to Outlook Converter Tool

  • Download and Install Excel to Outlook Converter Tool

Office 365 Backup

  • Now add the excel file into the software using the browse button
Excel to Outlook
  • After loading the file into the software you can preview the excel file before starting the conversion
Preview File
  • Now map the attributes or Excel field accordingly
  • Finally, hit the convert button to start the process

Once the software completed the process you just have to open your MS Outlook account and check the exported data. This is how one can easily import XLSX into Outlook 2010 without any additional or supportive application.

Another Approach to Migrate Excel XLSX file to Outlook

Basically, this method is divided into two parts. In Step 1 you need to save the XLSX file into CSV format and then in Step 2. You will able to import that CSV file into the Outlook account full stop this method is quite lengthy as we compared it to the automatic tool and take much time.

The method also lacks to import multiple files at the same time and does not maintain your data consistency.

The Manual method is a little bit tough for non-technical users because you have to follow every step in a sequential manner. In the upcoming section, we are going to describe both the path in a sequential manner.

Step 1: Save Excel XLSX file as CSV

For this, you need to open MS Excel into your Windows operating system and follow the upcoming steps.

  • Hit the save button and browse the destination folder for the resultant file
  • Select the CSV file format from the drop-down menu
  • Hit the Save button to initiate the process

Now your XLSX file is saved as CSV. Go to the destination folder to check the CSV file and follow method 2 described below.

Step 2: Import CSV file into Outlook account

After completing Step 1 you need to follow these steps to complete the task.

  • Now opt import from another program or file option
  • Select the CSV file format and press the next button to move further
  • Browse the destination folder where you save the CSV file
  • Now select the folder in which you want to export the data or you can create the new one
  • Hit the finish button to initiate the process

Wait for a while as the process is completed open MS Outlook and check the folder where you import the Excel data. This is how one can import XLSX into Outlook 2010 but as we described this manual process has its limitation. Like there is a high risk of data tampering and data loss while using this process.

Hence, we advise you to choose the automatic solution to overcome the limitations of the manual method and executes your task in a trouble-free manner.

Summing up

Sometimes import XLSX into Outlook 2010 is quite difficult if you don’t have the proper guidance. But after reading this article you learn how one can easily complete this task using the automated solution that we introduced above and also assist you to save contacts from excel to Outlook.

While using the manual solution you need to follow the length of the instruction in a sequential manner. O.L while importing an excel file into Outlook you face many problems such as “Map Translator” not available error “Another CSV file open in another program” error.

To overcome these errors and to import the excel file directly into the Outlook account we recommend you use this Excel to Outlook converter tool. It directly configures Outlook application install in your system and imports your excel file directly into it without any supportive application. The tool additionally consists of so many features and the user can also download the demo version of toll-free of cost.