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How to Convert Excel to PDF on MAC In Few Clicks?

Excel to PDF on MAC
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Are you searching for a reliable approach to convert excel sheet to pdf on MAC? Or, do you want to import excel contacts to pdf? Well, whatever your problem is, we’re here at your service. In this blog, we will show you how to import MAC Excel to PDF files using the best Excel to PDF Converter for MAC. Here, we will disclose an amazingly simple and workable approach to convert Excel to PDF on MAC in a hassle-free manner.

Mac Excel Converter

Why Transfer Excel Contacts Into PDF?

Excel is considered to be the best file format when it comes to saving or managing textual and numeric data like names, contact numbers, etc. Using this you can easily edit, copy or save useful information whenever necessary. Thus, making it easy for the end-users. Whether you are moving to a different platform or just creating routine backups of your contacts, Excel file format makes it accessible. All the major platforms like Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, and others creates Excel file while backing up contacts.

However, the Excel file lacks standardization. Also, it does not support contact pictures and create shows problems with non-Latin scripts. Due to all such issues, users need to convert Excel sheet to PDF on MAC. Are you also among those users who are facing difficulties while finding a technique to do so?

Benefits of Using the Software Excel to PDF on MAC?

Since there are several third-party software present in the online marketplace to convert Excel contacts to PDF but, why we are recommending to use this only? Well, this is a futuristic software that has multiple handy and unique features. It has the ability to import excel contacts to pdf for MAC users. Some of the best features about this utility are mentioned below:

  • Import Single/ Multiple Excel Files to PDF: This tool is designed in such a manner that provides Add File(s) option to add single or multiple contact Excel files at once. Also, it can convert multiple Excel files with unlimited contacts to PDF file format in a single go.
  • Generate Single PDF for Every Excel File: By using this, one can create individual PDF files for every added Excel file. The software also allows creating single PDF for all the added Excel files.
  • Convert MAC Excel to PDF With / Without Mapping: One can use the Enable Mapping option to match Excel Contact attributes with appropriate PDF contact fields. Moreover, one can proceed without contact mapping as well.
  • Make Excel Compatible with Different Platforms: Convert Excel files to PDF and make it accessible from Windows, MAC, Android, iOS devices/applications.
  • 100% Safe and Secure to Convert Excel to PDF on MAC: The software is completely secure, risk-free, easy-to-use, and no technical expertise is required to perform the conversion of Excel files into PDF. It is designed in such a way that even a novice user can operate it without any issue.

Steps to Perform the Excel to PDF Conversion

Importing MAC Excel to PDF is a complex task that cannot be performed manually. Therefore, we’ve discovered Excel to PDF Converter for MAC Tool and tested it on expert level. After testing, we found that this is the most powerful and reliable utility that can convert excel sheet to pdf on MAC OS.

Using this software, you can convert unlimited Excel contacts into PDF within a few minutes without losing a single bit of data. No matter how many Excel files you want to convert into PDF, the software will convert all of them in a single go.

  • Initially download the software. Install it on your MAC OS X 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14

    download software

  • Now, click on Add File(s) button and add single or multiple Excel files from your system. Click Next
  • Select PDF as an export file type and check the ‘Create Single PDF Per File’ option if you want to create separate PDFs for every added Excel file. Unchecking this option will create a single PDF for all the added Excel files. Check the ‘Enable Mapping’ option if you want to map your Excel contact fields with PDF contact fields. Unchecking this option will create a PDF with exact Excel contact fields.
  • After checking all the desired options and mapping Excel fields with PDF, Click Change and browse a saving location for resultant PDF to fix how to convert Excel to PDF on MAC
  • Hit the Export button eventually to begin Excel to PDF conversion on MAC

Once all your Excel contacts will get converted into PDF file format, navigate to the location where your PDF is saved and access PDF contacts with Adobe or any other PDF reader without any complications.

The Final Verdict

All the users searching for queries like how to convert MAC Excel to PDF? Well, then you can have a look at this article and export Excel to PDF on MAC simply. All they have to do is, follow the steps sequentially and the tool will convert excel sheet to pdf on MAC in no time. The mentioned tool can be installed and is compatible with all the latest versions of MAC OS without any technical glitches.