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How to Import Contacts from Excel to Android Phone?

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We are in a world where because of the new technologies we can contact easily to anyone. Android is an open-source to operate mobile phones. Saving the contacts appropriately is the most important thing. Therefore, most people like to manage their contacts in Microsoft Excel files. Where they easily maintain other information of the person like name, email, image, address. Because these Excel files are easy to maintain and use. However, sometimes you may feel the need to import contacts from Excel to Android phone.

Let’s go through with the user query first to add contacts from MS Excel to Android.

Users Query

Hi, I am Mac. I have been using MS Excel for a long time to save my contacts. However, it is very convenient to store all the contacts in MS Excel. But, now I need a few of the contacts on my android phone. So, can I import contacts from Excel to Android? If is it possible, then please let me know. All suggestions and help would be appreciable.

Just like this user, there may be many of you who are looking for the same query. However, for your information, yes, it is possible to transfer Excel contacts to Android phone. Therefore, to help you all, we are here to provide you solutions.

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Solutions to Import Contacts from Excel to Android Phone

Basically, there are two methods to add phone numbers from MS Excel to Smartphone. These useful methods are-

So, to know in deep about both the methods, let us start with the manual method first.

How to Transfer Contacts Numbers from Excel to Android Manually?

However, moving MS Excel contacts to Android is not an easy task to perform. As there is no direct solution for this. The reason behind it is the file supported in Smartphone is different from the Excel file format. Whereas android supports vCard file format and on the other hand, Excel doesn’t support it.

Therefore, to do so, first, you will need to import contacts from Excel to vCard file format. So that, you could access them on android mobile phones.

So, follow these manual steps in order to perform this task

Move MS Excel File Contacts into CSV Format

Before anything else, you will need to move the contacts from MS Excel file to CSV format. Therefore, follow the steps to do so-

  1. Open the Excel Workbook from which you want to transfer contacts
  2. Now, navigate to the File option and click on Save As
  3. After this, browse the location path to save a new CSV file. Then, select Save as Type: Choose CSV format to save the same file and hit Save

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Extract MS Excel Contacts from CSV File

As of now, you have a CSV file. So, next, you will need to import Excel contacts from this CSV file format. Follow the steps to import –

  1. Go to the following location or search Contacts in the Search bar
    C: > Users > Username > Contacts
  2. Now, click on the Import icon
  3. add contacts from excel to android

  4. By doing so, the Import to Windows Contacts wizard will pop-up
  5. Select the CSV file format here, and hit the Import button to go further
  6. import csv file

  7. Now, the CSV Import wizard will appear on the screen
  8. From this, Browse the Excel Contact CSV file. After this, hit the Next button
  9. browse the location to save csv

  10. Now, all the contacts with their details will appear here. Then, Map all of them accordingly to your choice.
  11. For instance, click on the Location of the contact
  12. map details of the person

  13. After clicking, the Change Mapping Dialog box will pop up. From here, select the location as per the given options from the drop-down option. Now, hit the OK button
  14. import contacts from excel to android

  15. Map all fields in the same way. So, once all the mapping of the contacts fields is done, just hit the Finish button to initiate the Import Process.
  16. add contacts from excel to android

Note: You have to perform the same task for each contact.

Move into vCard – Import Contacts from Excel to Android

As of now, you have successfully imported all the contacts from the CSV file to your desktop. Now, you can just move them into the vCard file. After this, you will be able to access the MS Excel contacts on your Android phone.

  1. In this step, go to the Contacts again
  2. Then, select all the contacts that you need to transfer to the vCard file. After selecting, click on the Export button
  3. transfer contacts from excel to android

  4. Export Windows Contacts dialog box will appear
  5. Here, select the vCards (folder of .vcf files) and mouse-click on the Export button
  6. select vcard file option

  7. Now, browse the location for this Exported VCF file. It is up to you if you want to create a new folder or want to save them in the existing folder. Hit the OK button
  8. import contacts from excel to android

  9. Finally, save the excel contacts in the folder and you will get a confirmation message. Just click the OK icon.
  10. transfer excel phone numbers to smartphone

You’re done.

Transfer Contacts from Excel to Android Device

As a result, you have a vCard file. So, you can import the contacts from this file to your Smartphone.
Follow the guidelines from below-

  1. Connect your Smartphone to your computer. Navigate to the file where you have saved the vCard folder
  2. Then, right-click on the file and click on Send To option to transfer that file into your android phone
  3. Now, remove the USB cable from your computer
  4. Check the Android, open your Contacts application. Go to Settings and Click on the Manage Contacts
  5. Then choose, the Import / Export button
  6. You can select import vCard file and mouse-click on the Import button
  7. After this, go to the location to import contacts from Excel to Android phone
  8. Choose the VCF contacts files and hit the Done option
  9. Browse the destination path, save the output file.

By doing so, you can access your imported contacts from your Smartphone contacts list easily.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to Android Automatically

After going through the manual method, you might be confused. Because of the lengthy process and time-consuming method. So, if you are in need to transfer contacts from Excel to Android directly and instantly. Then, go with the SYSDaddy Excel to VCF Converter Tool. This is the easiest and the professionally tested solution.

By using it you can easily add Excel contacts numbers to your Android phone. Moreover, it provides you with multiple option to save the Microsoft Excel file contacts. Along with this, you will get options to select the contacts and import them.

Here, it has a free demo version that you can go for. So, download it from below and check the working of the tool-

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Steps to Add Contacts From Excel to Android

Before anything else, download the software and follow the steps mentioned below to import Microsoft Excel contacts-

  1. In the first step, click on the Browse button to select the Excel file contacts
  2. import contacts from excel to android

  3. Secondly, Preview the entire data and hit the Next icon
  4. preview and click next

  5. Afterwards, select the fields and match attributes and click on the Next button
  6. map all the excel contacts

  7. Finally, select the vCard version and choose the saving location. Click on the Convert button.
  8. import contacts from excel to android

That’s it. With these simple steps, you can easily transfer Microsoft Excel contacts into vCard format. Then, after completion of this task. All you need to import Excel contacts to Android phone.


Sometimes, many of you save your contacts in an Microsoft Excel workbook. But, sometimes the need to transfer contacts from Excel to Android arises. So, for the same, in this tutorial, we have shared the solutions.

Where the manual methods are quite lengthy and confusing. We have also introduced the automated method. You can use it to import contacts from Excel to Android phone easily. As it provides an easy user-interface. Moreover, there is a complete data security with SYSDaddy Software.

However, the final decision is yours. So, think before you choose.