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How to Import Contacts from Excel to Gmail Account Manually?

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Looking for a solution to import contacts from Excel to Gmail. Then you have come to the right page. Here, we will provide you the exact solution for the same. Hence, we have mentioned best automated solution.

However, we all know that Excel provides a tabular form. So, we can easily save our contacts and other data into them. In addition to them, we can add their attributes also. But, the problem comes when it requires the other software to support XLZ, XLSX, or XLSM files.

So, it becomes the reason when most of the users like you want to transfer their contacts. To do so, all decide to transfer contacts from Excel to Gmail account. Because Gmail is an open-source and free web-based email service. Whatever the reason is to import your spreadsheet contacts, we are here to help you.

So, now, let’s move to the next section describing the solutions.

Due to its popularity, many users are looking for the same solution to transfer Excel contacts to Gmail account. We recently received a similar question from our old client.

Hi, I have been using a Gmail account for the past 5 years for business and email marketing. Recently, my team created an Excel sheet with multiple email addresses to send us business information. But I can’t find a solution on how to upload email address from Excel to Gmail account. Will the RecoveryTools team help me with this problem?”

Reason to Import Contacts from Excel to Gmail

When it comes to the email services available in the market, Gmail is always on top because of its amazing and amazing features. Gmail has a lot of features, no matter what email services you compare them, they will not perform the same

  • Users save a lot of time when they use Gmail as their default email service
  • One of the main reasons people choose Gmail is its ease of use.
  • Simplified data management
  • One of the main concerns people have when switching e-mail services is privacy and security

Aromatic Way to Transfer Excel Spreadsheets to Gmail

XLSX to vCard Converter is one of the best applications to install in your system. This professional utility will solve your query in just a few simple steps. Also, with the help of this solution, you will be able to view your Excel contacts in different view modes.

The application converts multiple Excel contacts file to VCF with all contacts details. There is no additional application required for conversion. When it comes to saving data integrity, this tool saves the entire data integrity. It does not hamper your any data information. Using it, your query on how to import contacts from Excel to Google contacts will be solved in one go. Moreover, it provides you the free trials to know about the working of it. You can download it from above.
Now, let’s just know how this program works.

Step by Step Guide to Import Contacts from Excel to Gmail

There are two phases available to move Excel contacts file to Gmail:

Step 1: Convert Excel File to vCard Format

  • Download the software on the computer
  • In the first step, click on the Browse button to add the Excel contacts

browse Excel file

  • Now, Preview all the Excel Contacts spreadsheet data. Select the vCard file as a saving option

preview all Excel file

  • Then, select the Change button and choose the destination

select the Excel Fields

  • Finally, hit the Convert button to initiate import contacts from Spreadsheet to Gmail account process.

initiate process

Note: When you successfully complete the entire task. Then, just import the output file to Gmail by using the above-mentioned procedure in Step 2.

Step2: Import Converted File to Gmail Profile

  • Login to your Gmail Account, and click on the top Google Apps icon

login your gmail icon

  • Choose the Contacts option icon

Click the contacts

  • Press the more Option in the Google Contacts

more option

Press the Import tab

select the import

  • Pick your file with the Select File button

  • Browse the destination and choose your resultant files

Select the destination

  • Hit on the Import button to upload your Excel sheet to your Gmail account.

upload your Excel Email Addresses to your GmailWrap Up

This article explains how to import contacts from Excel to Gmail. This article also introduces the perfect way to transfer Excel spreadsheet files to Gmail with full features. It provides many advantages to users to manage, sort, organize or format Excel contacts or emails properly using Excel.