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An Ultimate Guide to Export PST from Office 365 in Simple Steps

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In this guide we will be discussing the two easiest methods to export PST from Office 365. Whether you want to export multiple/single Office 365 accounts to PST we have a solution for you. So let’s get started and see what are the benefits of exporting PST file and how to do it.

Simple Methods For Exporting PST Files From Office 365 Accounts

There is no direct way provided by Microsoft which dedicatedly works to provide this solution. So we came up with two solutions that can works perfectly for exporting PST from Office 365 account.

First, is to take the help of a third-party tool that is specifically designed for such export process. Second, you can also take the help of the Desktop Outlook application, using which you can export a single Office 365 mailbox in PST file.

Method #1: Export PST From Multiple Office 365 Account Simultaneously

Although there is no direct way provided by Microsoft for exporting Office 365 mailboxes in PST file, however, automate tools can help you in such a procedure. There are multiple Office 365 export tools available in the market that can easily export PST from multiple Office 365 accounts.

To save you from searching time, we have tested many tools and will provide you best one in this blog. Click on the Download button to get the free demo version of the tool. It will allow you to export PST file from Office 365 user account, which will contain the first 100 emails and 25 other items. Following are the features you will get while exporting Office 365 account using this tool:

  • The tool works with or without Admin account credentials.
  • Exports emails, contacts, calendar, tasks from all users accounts simultaneously.
  • Allows to exports Shared / Archive mailbox data to PST
  • Option to split the exported PST file into small parts.
  • Apart from PST, the same tool can be used to export mailboxes in EML & MSG.
  • Category and Date-Range filters are available for selective data export

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Working steps of tool to export PST from Office 365:

  • Step 1: First Download and Install the Office 365 Export Tool on your system.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Is Admin’ and enter Office 365 Admin Id and password for login.
    Note: If you want to export single user account data, then simply enter Office 365 user id and password without enabling ‘Is Admin’ checkbox.
  • Step 3: Select the User accounts, whose data need to be exported from O365 account.
  • Step 4: Select the Email format as “Microsoft Outlook (PST)” & Set split PST filter (optional)
  • Step 5: Choose the Category of data need to be exported and Set Date-range filter export pst from Office 365
  • Step 6: Browse the Destination location for exported PST from Office 365 account & Click Start.

Note: After completion of the export process, the tool will create a PST file for each user account with the same name as the account id at the destination location.

Method #2: Export PST From Office 365 Account – For Single User

If a user just wants to export PST from their own Office 365 account, they can use the Desktop Outlook application. Using the IMAP confirmation with Outlook users can export their Office 365 account mailbox in PST file directly.

Note: This method require the MS Outlook installed in your system. If you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your desktop then use method 1 for solving your problem.

Working Steps of IMAP Configuration With Outlook

1. Open MS Outlook application on your computer

2. Go to the File tab, and click on “Add Account” option

3. Now, click on “Manual setup or additional server type” radio button >> Next.

4. Choose “POP or IMAP” radio button from list >> Next.

5. In Add Account Window, enter the following details: 

  • Enter your Name
  • Enter Email Address of Office 365 account
  • Choose Account type as “IMAP” from drop-down
  • Enter Incoming mail server: outlook.office365.com
  • Enter Outgoing mail server: outlook.office365.com
  • Enter User name and Password of Office 365 account

6. Click on More Settings option in Add account window
7. Choose the Outgoing Server tab from window
8. Click on “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) required” checkbox
9. Go to Advanced tab and enter the following details:

  • Set the IMAP port as: 993
  • Set Encryption type: SSL
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25
  • Encryption type: TLS

10. Click on Ok and then Next button
11. Now, Outlook will start configuring Office 365 account
12. After finishing, click on close button, and let the Outlook configure all emails in Outlook

Go to “C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook” to locate the PST file with same name as User Id.


In this guide we have explained two methods to export PST from Office 365 account. Both methods work fine, method 1 is for bulk users, whereas method 2 is for a single user who has a desktop outlook installed on their system. You can choose the method that suits your requirement and easily export Office 365 mailboxes into PST file.