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How to Convert OLM file to TXT? – Complete Solution

Convert OLM file to TXT?
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A TXT file is a standard text type format that consists of unformatted text. It is accessible in any text editing or word processing platform. When talking about the conversion of OLM file to TXT then it may be tough to do. But don’t worry here we will discuss a convenient method to convert OLM to TXT file i.e. Automated Solution.

Difference between OLM and TEXT File

OLM file:  Mac Outlook export OLM files for storing emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments along with other information that was configured in Mac Outlook.

TXT file: Text file is compatible with all the editors and used to store large no of data and permits to export them into all the major text editors that support TXT file format

After conceding what is OLM and TXT file formats. Now have a look at how OLM to TXT converter for Mac works and why to choose this tool over no of tools obtainable in the market and if you were distracted or not sure to convert OLM file to text format! Read the future section.

Needs to Convert OLM File to TXT 

There are many possible reasons that users might need to export an OLM file, which is discussed below:

  • Converting OLM file to TEXT permits the user to preserve the data without any formatting and special characters.
  • After the conversion user doesn’t need any other application to access the data. One can open the .txt file with any word processor like MS Word, Notepad, etc.
  • It permits the user to share their OLM file after converting them into TXT format.
  • TXT files are small in size compare to OLM emails.

Steps to Convert OLM to TXT using Automated Tool

To perform OST file to TXT conversion, Download and install OLM File Converter on your system. After, follow the listed steps:

outlook attachment extractor extract attachments from selective folders

Step 1. Hit the Add File option to add your OLM files.

add file folder

Step 2. Select the TXT file format from Select Export Type.

convert olm to txt

Step 3. Locate the destination folder for your resultant file.


Step 4. Click on an Export type to start the process.

convert olm file to txt

Why we provide an Automated Solution over the Manual Method

We advise you to choose an automated solution because there are many consequences of using manual methods. Some of them are described below:

  • The manual method permits you to convert a single email. It lacks when it comes to converting the emails messages in bulk then a user needs to drag and drop every email.
  • It is very complicated to understand and time-consuming method.
  • User must have a high level of technical knowledge to do the conversion using manual method
  • Data may lose or corrupt during the process as the file gets damage during the process.

Additional Features of the Tool

  • It allows the user to convert Mac Outlook files in 6+ file formats.
  • The applicator ensures you to conserve the structure of the original folder throughout the process.
  • This tool doesn’t need any supportive tool for conversion.
  • Permits you to convert Mac Outlook contacts from OLM to CSV, and vCard file formats.
  • Doesn’t require any technical assistance.

Author Suggestion

Many users are searching for a complete solution to convert OLM file to TXT file format. Therefore, in this write-up, we provided you with the safeguard method to convert OLM to TXT format in bulk. Here we suggested the best OLM file conversion tool because it is easy to use and convert the file in a trouble-free manner.