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Unable to Delete Duplicate Calendar in Outlook – Get the Best Method Here

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We know that Outlook gives the option to sync Outlook application to various devices such as mobile devices and tablets. But sometimes due to wong synchronization, many users encounter duplicates in their Outlook calendar. And when they try to delete duplicate, then they are unable to delete duplicate calendar in Outlook. There are various Outlook users who reported this issue on various forms

If you are also facing this issue in your Outlook, then this blog is going to help you. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss the most effective techniques that will easily fix the unable to delete duplicate calendars in Outlook. But before starting the procedure let discuss what at the reasons for the same.

Reasons Behind Duplicate Calendar in Outlook

Import/Export Wizard: Sometimes when users using Outlook default Import/Export wizard to import your Outlook calendar with data, then there is an option to overwrite your old data or save duplicate entries. Ans if you forget to enable the option to overwrite the duplicate data, then you will encounter duplicate data in Outlook.

Syncing Calendar Data: As we said above, Outlook gives you an option to sync Outlook data to any mobile device. But if the program you are using for syncing the Outlook calendar is not Windows-based then you may have difficulty while syncing with the device, as a result, you will end with a duplicate calendar in Outlook resulting in syncing issues that will create a number of duplicate entries in your Outlook calendar.

Wrong Rules Settings: Wrong Outlook rule setting is also one of the most major reasons behind creating duplicate Outlook calendar.

How to Fix Unable to Unable to Delete Duplicate Calendar in Outlook Smartly

In this section, we are going to discuss two methods that will easily fix and delete duplicate calendars in Outlook. And ensure that you will not get this duplicate in the future. So let start with the quickest way.
Method 1: Smart Way to Delete Duplicate Calendar from Outlook

Well, if you are tired from a manual method or you have a huge number of duplicate items in your Outlook calendar, then you can try this automated way to fix the unable to delete duplicate calendar in Outlook.

Outlook Duplicate Remover is one the best tool to remove duplicate items from Outlook. And along with the Outlook calendar, this tool is capable to delete duplicate email contacts, tasks, notes, and journals too. The tools support Outlook PST, OST, and BAK fie and come with various advanced features.

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The tool comes with various filter options such as date filter, category filter, file size, and action filter. Support all versions of Outlook application including all versions of Windows OS.

Steps to Fix Unable to Delete Duplicate Calendar in Outlook Using Tool

1 Download and Install the software first

2 Click on the Add File(s) on the Add Folder option

3: Choose the Within Folder option

4: tap on the Change button to choose the desire destination location

5: Select Calendar option from Select filter and duplicate criteria option

6: At last, click on the Next button to start the process

Method 2: Manual Way to Delete Duplicate Calendar in Outlook

If you have fewer numbers if duplicate Outlook calendar and looking for a free method to remove them, then in this section we are going to discuss the best free method to do the same.

1: First open your Outlook on your Windows machine.

2: Click on the calendar option.

3: Now, click on the View option.

4: In the Current View group click on the Change View option.

5: After that click on the list option.

6: Click on the Subject column and arrange all the calendar items by subject.

7: Click on the duplicate calendar entries to select calendar items.

8 Now, press the delete button to remove the duplicate calendar appointments in Outlook.

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Duplicate in Outlook is a very common problem and many Outlook users suffering from the issue. But sometimes due to lack of knowledge users unable to delete duplicate calendar in Outlook. Hence, here in this article, we have discussed two best procedures to delete duplicate calendars in Outlook. So, now it is up to you to choose the method as per your requirements.