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How to Migrate Lotus Notes Mail to Office 365 by Date

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“I have been using both IBM Notes and Office 365 to meet the business requirements since the time I’ve joined this firm. There are some emails, which contain confidential information in Lotus Notes need to be transferred to Office 365. Moreover, I do not want to move all the NSF emails, rather I need to transfer selected emails only. Is there any feasible solution that allows to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Office 365 by date? Please suggest with some relevant approach at the earliest possible.”

Similar to the above-mentioned user query, there are numerous such users who want to export selective NSF emails to the desired Office 365 account on the basis of date. The sad part is that most of the users fail to find the accurate approach, which enables them to migrate IBM Notes emails selectively to O365 by date. Understanding this ever-increasing need among users, here we are going to let all those users know with the right solution. Using which, one can easily perform the result-oriented technique to export NSF mailboxes to Office 365.

In this technology-driven era, more and more users prefer migrating their crucial data to a cloud-based platform like Microsoft Office 365. Regardless of the location or device, one can effortlessly access and manage their confidential data at ease using Office 365. It offers best-in-class features, which enables to sophisticatedly handle the challenging enterprise communication needs. Users can avail various SaaS-based services, which is incorporated in O365. Along with that, one can also make use of Microsoft Office suites within it. Altogether, MS Office 365 is the perfect alternative to safeguard your data to the cloud, which provides instant data accessibility. As a result, it becomes a genuine reason as to why Lotus Notes users prefer migrating their NSF data to Office 365.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes Mail to O365 Via Manual Technique?

The manual approach using IMAP connector to transfer IBM Notes mailboxes to Office 365 does not provide an option for selective data migration. Under such circumstances, it is highly suggested to rely on some utility in which it allows to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Office 365 by date. Moreover, using IMAP connector, one needs to face several challenges because of its limitations. Some of them include data loss issue, failure to migrate IBM Notes calendar data, NSF file with more than 1 GB file size fail data migration to O365, etc.

Export NSF Emails to Office 365 Easily – The Best Possible Way

lotus notes to office 365

Understanding the failures associated with the manual method, switch to Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator Tool. It provides out of the box features wherein both technical and novice users can easily perform NSF to O365 data migration. It is integrated with the best set of features such as selective NSF mailbox migration, date-filter option, re-run migration option, stop migration option, user accounts mapping option and much more. All these innovative functionalities are integrated in the software after understanding the user demands.

How the Tool Works to Migrate Lotus Notes Email to O365 by Date?

  • Once the software is downloaded and launched. select the source and destination platform
  • From the Workload section, choose Emails and mark the checkbox corresponding to Date Filter option.
  • Under which, you need to specify the date ranges under “From” and “To” fields. By which, the emails will falls under the mentioned date range will be considered for migration
  • Then, provide source and destination admin credentials
  • Map the user mailboxes between Lotus Notes & O365 accounts. One can also prioritize the user accounts by setting priority to it
  • Once the required settings are applied, click on Start Migration
    Isn’t it so simple to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Office 365 by date using this futuristic tool!

Closing Thoughts

Many a time, users undergo troublesome time to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Office 365 by date. With the help of this write-up, we have elaborated the result-oriented solution using Lotus Notes to Office 365 migrator utility. Using the date-filter option induced in the software, one can seamlessly perform the email migration by date to the destined O365 mailbox.