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Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 Migration Issues And Ways to Overcome Them

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Lotus Notes NSF file to Office 365 migration task is not at all an easy process to carry. It can be attempted easily only under two circumstances – either the person who has technical expertise in performing the task can attempt the procedure successfully or a company hires an expert on per day basis to perform the migration. Uploading local data on the cloud storage demands for a lot of strategy and appropriate methods for the successful result. It is so because when an individual tries to attempt the migration in an adequate manner, he or she might face long downtime issue in his or her organization. This could become a cause for affecting the company and hence, also hampering the ongoing work in business. Before moving further, let us first have a look on topics that we are going to illustrate in this blog and they are :

  • Challenges faced during NSF to Office 365 migration
  • Issues encountered at the time of the migration process
  • One-stop solution to experience a hassle-free migration

Lotus Notes NSF File to Office 365 Migration Challenges

The following alternatives have to be considered at the time of migrating address book, emails, tasks, and other items to be uploaded from NSF to Office 365:

  • NSF File Email Considerations – Of course it is essential to achieve a proper and perfect migration of emails without hampering data integrity. Emails have become one of the most important and preferred communication means, which comprises a huge percentage of end users. A simple 5-minute downtime results in a huge loss in the company’s workflows and leads to production problems. Usually, this problem is faced by IBM Notes users because all time server availability at all places is not possible for companies to deal with. Therefore, organizations are now migrating NSF data to Office 365 to bring flexibility in existing working culture.
  • IBM Address Books and Calendars – A successful Lotus Notes NSF file to Office 365 migration of address book information and appointment essentially demands for ensuring data migration with integrity. Data integrity is an important aspect here because if in case contact details of an important business client gets hampered or damaged during migration, just imagine what all consequences might occur.
  • Data Security Fear During Migration – Some officials might have fear of moving their data to the cloud. There are chances that data during the migration process can get leaked, if security measures are not considered properly. Once data get successfully stored on the Microsoft cloud, users can experience a relief from this fear for a while.
  • Unify the Email Management System – NSF to Office 365 migration demands administrators to provide all their old email platforms. It recommends organizations to educate their employees with proper use of Microsoft Online platform. It has to be attempted in case the information adapts to the new environment.

Issues While Performing NSF to Office 365 Migration

Most of the common NSF file to Office 365 migration issues encountered during the uploading process are listed below :

  • Picking Up One Suitable Migration App – In order to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration, it is essential to have a rapid and best solution to import NSF to Office 365 platform. Absence of technical knowledge might result in wrong selection of application and hence, arrival of different hurdles during the procedure. One cannot trust blindly on any product just on the basis of offers provided by the application. Be conscious while picking up one suitable product to migrate data from IBM Notes to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Unexpected Stoppage During Migration – There might be several conditions where users found that after migrating data from IBM Notes to Office 365 environments, few amount of data is still left for migration. Due to the absence of fast internet speed, there are high chances of system getting hanged and forcing end users to again attempt the procedure from starting. This means that once the process gets finished, you have to ensure that the entire data has been uploaded successfully on Microsoft cloud.
  • Chances of Virus Threat Occurrence – Many software are present in today’s digital market through which virus can enter in anyone’s PC. Usually, end users have this fear of virus occurrence on their machines because they have to download and test different trial versions of the product to pickup the best one. Therefore, the known and experts suggested solutions should be tested to be safe from occurrence of virus due to software downloading.

Migrate Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 – A One-Stop Solution

There are manual approaches available to perform the task of uploading Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 tenant. However, they do not guarantee successful migration with 100% assurance of data integrity and additionally demands an expert perform it. Therefore, we recommend our readers to avail the efficient Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool. This solution helps customers to get rid of the challenges and issues that are faced during the transfer of NSF file to Office 365. This virus-free software is available in free demo version and full version wherein users can avail the demo version to check the different features incorporated in the software.

Office 365 Backup

The software provides various advanced options such as option for selective data items migration, date filter option to migrate desired data by date-wise. It is portrayed with countless result-oriented features such as re-run migration, delta migration, concurrent migration and much more. The best part is that during the on-going Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 migration, one can stop the migration at any time with the help of Stop Migration option. Altogether, it is a perfect utility induced with best set of features, which is integrated in an intuitive interface.  

Winding Thoughts

After reading this blog, now users might have established a clear picture on the different issues and challenges while migrating Lotus Notes files to Office 365. Moreover, it also depicts a proven yet safe third-party software to experience a trouble-free data migration without the occurrence of any technical glitches.