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How to Undelete Outlook Emails – All Possible Methods

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Emails from Outlook can be deleted in two ways. Either they are temporarily gone or they are permanently removed from your account. Whichever may be the case, this blog will answer all your queries to undelete Outlook emails.

If your emails are soft-deleted / temporarily deleted, you can try restoring those emails from the ‘Deleted Items” folder. (see the next section)

If you have already tried all the manual methods even checked the “Recover Deleted Items from Server” folder (for Exchange Users) but could not find the deleted Outlook emails don’t worry! With SysTools Outlook Deleted Emails Recovery tool you can easily recover those emails.

Download the tool to undelete Outlook Emails:

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Undelete Outlook Emails: Restore From “Deleted Items’ / ‘Trash’ Folder

The following solution can be applied to Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2007…

  • In the case of soft-deletion try to find your emails in the ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Trash’ folder. Search for the deleted email you want, right-click on it, and then choose ‘Move’ > Other Folder.

Recover Emails From The Server (Manual Method)

If you can’t find your emails in the ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Trash’ folder, this means your emails are no longer in the folder. If you have a Server (Exchange) connection you can look for your deleted emails from the Recoverable Items folder. The folder is hidden, and can be accessed by following these steps:

1. After opening your Outlook account, go to your email folder list and select the ‘Deleted Items’ folder.

Note: Trash Folder doesn’t have this functionality. You can try automated software to recover the emails mentioned above.

2. You can select the ‘Recover Deleted Items From Server’ option on the Home menu.

Important: If there is no ‘Recover Deleted Items From Server’ option on the Home menu, your account doesn’t have the server connection.

3. Select the emails that you want back, click on the ‘Restore Selected Items’ option, and then click on OK.
Remember: When you retrieve items from the Recoverable Items folder, they don’t directly get restored in your Inbox or any other folder. You have to look for them in your Deleted Items folder and from there you can move it to another folder.

You can find deleted items in the Recoverable Items folder in the following cases:

  • Items get deleted or removed from the Deleted Items folder.
  • Empty the Deleted Items folder.
  • Hard deletion of an item by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete.

There is one problem here, deleted items in the Recoverable Items Folder retain these deleted items for a defined retention period (usually is of 14 days). In this case, you should take help from reliable third-party automated software.

Recover Permanently Removed Emails Using The Software

To undelete Outlook emails, especially permanently deleted emails Outlook Deleted Items Recovery is the best option due to the fact that it has a RAW scanning feature.

Undelete Outlook emails

Raw scan means it will search and scan each bit of your Outlook files, hence ensure a 100% recovery.

Let’s look at all the features of the tool:

  • Get back permanently removed Outlook items from corrupted Outlook PST / OST / BAK file
  • All types of Outlook items can be easily recovered – Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, Notes
  • Undelete Soft & Hard deleted items & folder(s) from Outlook data files
  • Automatically saves recovered Outlook data into your Outlook account.
  • SMIME & OpenPGP encryption can be removed internally from Outlook emails.
  • Preview all the deleted items before exporting them to other files. Deleted items have been identified in Red Color on Preview Grid.
  • Folders can be retrieved in the same hierarchy.

Programmed for all versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS.


It is quite easy to undelete Outlook emails. If they have been permanently deleted you have to use a third-party automated wizard to get them back.