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How to Recover Deleted Excel Files from USB? Three Solution to Resolved

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Overview: Are you frustrated about the lost Excel files from USB? Did your Excel files get deleted unintentionally? However, this is the worst situation when you delete your Excel files unintentionally. And if it is your important official data, it is more than worse. So, here, we will be going to discuss the required solutions to recover deleted Excel files from USB.

It will no longer be an issue if the lost data can be recovered. Users are so fortunate because you could precisely find them back. So, what you all need is trustworthy recovery software. These days, external storage devices like USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, external hard drive and external SSD are becoming an essential part of our lives. It stores your crucial files like data, pictures, documents, multimedia, videos, etc.

But sometimes unpredicted file loss disasters of definite origin can cause you to lose all your important data in just a few seconds. Hence, to rescue your data, you need to know how to recover Excel documents from a flash drive.

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USB Drive Data Loss Causes

It’s elementary to know the origins of the loss of files before things go bad. And you can better solve your problem if you know the basics.

However, there could be different reasons that cause the loss of data from a USB drive. A few of the reasons are:

  • USB files are damaged.
  • Formatted USB Drive
  • Software Corruption
  • Viruses and Malware Attacks
  • Human Errors

Now, let us move on to the solutions that you can use to overcome this situation. There are three methodologies to fix this bug. You can use any.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Excel Files from USB Using Excel Older Version

  1. Firstly, select the folder that consists of your deleted Excel data files and then select the Properties option.
  2. After that, click on the Previous Versions tab. Then, a prompt-up message displays on your screen that says Previous Versions come from File History or from restore points.
  3. At last, a list of previous versions of data files will show up. Here, users have to choose the file edition they are searching for, then click on the Restore button to begin the deleted Excel file recovery process.

Method 2: Restore Deleted Excel Files from USB Drive Using CMD

  1. Firstly, in Windows versions 10, 8.1, and 8/7, navigate to Run by pressing the Windows + R keys.
  2. Now, type CMD to open the Command Prompt wizard.
  3. Then, add the following command: ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D F:*.* in the prompted field
  4. Primarily, the letter F in the above-stated command is the USB drive’s drive letter. So, you can simply change and replace the drive letter F according to the USB drive letter shown on your desktop.

Method 3: Recover Permanently Excel Files from USB Drive Automatically

Well, after knowing the fact that all the above-stated manual methods are not capable of recovering permanently deleted Excel files from USB, So, here we come up with an efficient and automated method named the SYSDadddy Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool. By using this amazing software, you can simply restore a permanently deleted Excel file from your pen drive.

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This recovery application comes with various enhanced features and functionalities, which provide a safe and secure recovery procedure. Mainly, the software has an understandable user interface. It retrieve permanently deleted files from Pen drive. So, a geeky user can also avail of this product without thinking twice. Moreover, this application will automatically highlight the permanently deleted files in red. Thus, users can check out all the features of this prominent tool by visiting our official page.

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Steps to Use the Automated Method

Simply go through all the below-listed steps consecutively to decently utilize the recovery process.

  1. Firstly, download and launch the USB drive recovery software on your Windows system.
  2. Now, the utility will give users two options, such as Scan and Formatted Scan. Here, users have to choose the Scan option because they have to recover permanently deleted Excel files instead of formatting them.

recover data

  • After that, preview all the data items and then search for the necessary data files.

recover file from usb

  • Finally, click on the Save button to export the recovered Excel files from the pen drive.

recover shift deleted from pen drive

Final Verdict

After considering the above scenario, in this article, we have discussed all possible ways to recover deleted Excel files from USB using the command prompt in Windows OS. But sometimes these manual ways have some restraint. Thus, in this article, we have recommended an instant solution to recover permanently deleted Excel files from USB drives also recover deleted photos from SanDisk Pen drive with data loss . This is the best approach that assists in recovering formatted and corrupted Windows data files without any risk or data loss.


Q: Is there any manual method to recover deleted Excel files from a pen drive?

Yes, there are two manual methods. Both are mentioned above in the blog. But remember one thing: if you have no technical background, do not perform the manual method. Because if you make any mistake, you lose your data permanently.

Q: Is it possible to recover deleted Excel files from a USB drive?

Read the above article and try SYSDaddy Software. It has the capability to recover normal deleted and permanently deleted data without any hassle.