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How to Extract Specific Pages From PDF Using Adobe Acrobat DC

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Do you want to know how to extract specific pages from PDF files that not only contains the text but also form fields, comments, and associated links? You can do this by using the Adobe Acrobat tool or SysTools PDF Splitter Software. These tools will help you to split all the desired pages from the PDF file(s) into a separate file.

Let me show you how.

1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC application, and select Tools then, click on Organize Pages or you can select Organize Pages from the right pane.

2. Click on the “Extract” opinion In the secondary toolbar.

3. Now, you can specify the page range to extract specific pages of PDF. You can select any of the given options: Even Pages, Odd Pages, Landscape Pages, Portrait Pages, or All Pages. You can even provide the page number that you want to take out from the PDF file.

4. Some options you should consider before hitting the “Extract” button:

  • To remove the selected pages from the original PDF file, check the “Delete Pages After Extracting” checkbox.
  • To create different PDFs for each extracted page, check the “Extract Pages As Separate Files” checkbox.
  • If you leave both boxes unchecked, you will get a single PDF that includes all of the extracted pages. The original PDF file will be kept as it is.

This is how to extract specific pages from PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC.

The owner of the PDF document can set restrictions to prevent the extraction of pages. To see the security settings for a document, select File > Properties, and choose the Security tab.

Limitations of Using Acrobat DC Application & Its Alternative

As you can see if a PDF file is having a page extraction restriction, then this method will be of no use. Also, if you don’t have the application you will have to take a yearly subscription that will cost you $14.99 per month.

So, if you are looking for a more affordable but efficient option then try SysTools Designed PDF split & Merge tool.

The tool is specially designed to split PDF or extract pages from PDF into separate files in 6 ways. Along with this, the tool provides the option to merge PDF files as well. You definitely try its Free Edition here:

For Windows

pdf splitter

For Mac

pdf splitter

Note: Free Edition is the demo version of the tool. It will process 5 PDF files and produce resultant PDF files with a “SysTools” watermark. To avoid the limitation get its full version.

How to Extract Specific Pages From PDF Using SysTools Splitter

Follow the steps to extract selected pages from PDF:

1. Download, Install and launch the tool in your system. Choose the “Split” radio button to extract pages.

2. Browse & Insert PDF files: Click on the “Add Files” / “Add Folder” option.

3. Choose Any Split Option: You can see there are 6 options to split or extract pages from PDF file.

4. Click on the “Split” button.

The utility is available for both Windows and Mac OS

  • You don’t have to worry about PDF restrictions because this tool can extract or split pages from PDF while having the restriction.
  • In the case of the document open password, the user has to provide the password.
  • You also get the option to keep attachments in the resultant files.
  • Formatting and all other file settings will be preserved.


In this blog, you learned how to extract specific pages from PDF. You can extract pages with the help of Adobe Acrobat DC. But, SysTools software is more affordable because it particularly programmed to split & merge PDF files. It provides 6 ways to split or extract pages and 2 ways to merge PDFs.