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Automatically Add Watermark to PDF Documents Using This Tool

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Outline – If you are one of those users who got tiresome by practicing a manual method to apply a watermark. We have brought the informative article that showcases the entire process to automatically add watermark to PDF files in the easiest method possible.

If you need to protect your PDF papers, you should apply a watermark to them. It will assist you in identifying the document owner, maintaining a degree of traceability, classifying records, and ensuring the integrity of information both within and outside the organization.

We have created a “How to Automatically Add Watermark to PDF” blog article to facilitate you with getting started with watermarking PDFs using the PDF Watermark utility on several PDF files.
Need of Watermark for PDFs

A watermark, like a seal, is text or an illustration that appears in front of or behind current document material. Users may want to add a “Confidential” watermark to pages containing personal material. You might need to apply several watermarks to one or more PDF docs. For that, each watermark must be added separately. Not only that, but you may decide which page each watermark appears on. You can easily fix this tedious process by switching to an Automated utility for adding Watermark.

PDF Watermark Creator by SysTools

SysTools has launched “PDF Watermark creator” to support businesses that work with a huge number of PDF files. This set of simple steps of the tools enables you to create workflows for vast numbers of PDF files. Especially in multipurpose environments while saving time and computing power that would otherwise be consumed by complicated desktop applications.

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If you want to make your sensitive PDF file more copyright secure, use this easy-to-use application to watermark it. The tool helps you to put a kind of watermark on PDF files and customize them as well. Using the free trial edition of PDF Watermark Generator, you can also apply a watermark to several PDF files stored in a folder.

Steps To Automatically Add Watermark To PDF

• Firstly, download the Watermark creator utility to add a watermark PDF file.
• Click on Add Files or Folder to load PDF files on the homepage.
• Click on “Change” to provide the destination location to save the resultant PDF file.
• Choose options for Watermark accordingly.
• Add the text that you want to display as a watermark.
• Choose font, color, opacity, rotation, set position options from the options.
• After selecting the options, click on the Preview the PDF page.
• Lastly, click Generate button.

After completion of the process, you will get a confirmation message. Also, it will display the report to view the status of the process.
This is how to automatically add watermark to PDF in a customizable manner.

Beneficial Features of Watermark Creator Tool

• Add a Watermark to Your PDF
The PDF Watermark Creator program includes two separate PDF watermark stamping options, which are as follows:
1. Text Watermark: This allows you to stamp text in PDF formats.
2. Image Watermark: This option allows you to add image watermarks to PDF documents.
3. Attach Date & Time Watermark: This allows you to add the latest date and time stamp to a PDF document.

• Adjust Watermark location
When a user adds a watermark to a PDF, you can place it anywhere on the page by having values. Two distance values can be provided: vertical distance value and horizontal distance value. You may also add a watermark in the ‘Mosaic’ format using the app (repeating the watermark numerous times)

• Watermarked PDF Page Preview
While generating/printing PDF files with watermarks, you can see how they will appear by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button after choosing all the options to add watermark to various PDFs, and the program will display you the tab. The tool also includes functions such as ‘Remove Encryption From PDF File(s),’ which allows you to remove protection from the resulting PDF files, and ‘Print,’ which allows you to automatically print hard copies of your PDF files.

• Change the color of the watermark, the font size, the font style, and the font family
When a user wishes to apply a text/date/time watermark to a PDF file, the tool allows them to customize the watermark color, shape, and font size. The tool offers a variety of color choices, and any color from the tool’s built-in color palette can be chosen.

• Various File Formats
It allows you to import images from a variety of file formats. The tool will inject watermarks into image files such as PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, and BMP. Furthermore, the utility will apply a watermark to a PDF file created from animated GIFs.


When it came to actual reliability and efficiency for automatically add watermark to PDF, the PDF Watermark Creator tool efficiently gains the best ratings. We may simply conclude that it is a useful tool that allows us to easily apply text and image watermarks to PDF files without using Acrobat.