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How to Download All Attachments From Gmail Emails?

Download Multiple Attachments from Gmail
Priya | Published: 2022-03-03T08:24:49+00:00|Gmail | 6 Minutes Reading

Though because of the excess communication on Gmail, it’s hard to save all the emails first and then download multiple attachments from Gmail emails. So, extracting the attachments is all you need then this tutorial is for you.

Unfortunately, there is no way that Google provides you for this task completion. However, you can take the help of Google Takeout.

If you try to select multiple emails and then download the attachments from them but did not get the result. Then, for your information, we are going to discuss the best methods here.

But, first, let us consider a user query that generally comes.

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Users Query

Hi, though I am like others, I am also using Gmail email service to communicate with people. But, I got some attachments that I need to download. However, I have tried to do so but did not get the finest solution. Does anyone know how to save attachments from Gmail of multiple emails? Do please help me.

Like them, many of you might be trying to do it. But, unfortunately didn’t get the right way to process it. No worries. Just read the tutorial till the end carefully.

How to Download All Attachments From Gmail Instantly?

Extracting attachments from the Gmail account is becomes the need of many. So, if you need to save all attachments from Gmail just look at this section. There is a user scenario for the same, let’s have a look.

“Being a user of Gmail, I have many attachments that I want to use. But, I can’t download multiple attachments from Gmail on Mac. Though I am not using the Gmail app for this task. Now, I don’t know how to save attachments from Gmail emails on Mac Machine. Is there any way to do so on Mac OS? As I have tried but nothing happened. Please suggest me a professional solution to do this.”

By keeping this situation in mind, we have come up with a better and a reliable solution. So, the best way to save bulk attachments from Gmail is automated software. As it sounds, it will work by itself and the task will be done in just a few steps. So, try the simplest and professionally tested SYSDaddy Gmail Account Backup Wizard for this task.

You can use this tool without any trouble because of its simple user interface. As it provides you all the guidelines in each step. Furthermore, it comes with a well-designed platform, so, it supports Windows and Mac OS.

Moreover, it has a free demo version. To use it, download it from below and make the best out of it. After using it, you can go for the licensed version.

For Windows

Download Now Purchase Now

For Mac

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Steps to Save All Attachments from Gmail

Firstly, you need to download the software on your local computer. Then, follow the following steps to download multiple attachments from Gmail emails-

  1. In the first step, you have to use your Gmail credentials to login
  2. download multiple attachments from gmail

  3. Then, in the next window, you need to Select Category
  4. select emails category

  5. Now, just click on the Browse button to save the file. Also, use Apply Filter option to download selective attachments
  6. browse mbox to save and apply filters

  7. Finally, mouse-click on the Start button to begin the procedure.
  8. download multiple attachments from gmail

That’s it. So, these were the simple steps if you follow, you will get your all attachments.

How to Download Multiple Attachments From Gmail MBOX Files?

Sometimes, people already extract the emails using Google Takeout from Gmail. As a result, the emails they get are in the MBOX file format. But, the problem arises when you just want to save the attachments from them.

Let’s have a look at a scenario for the same –

“Though I wanted to download all attachments from Gmail account. But, unfortunately, I was not able to do the task. However, as of now, I have all the Gmail emails in MBOX format. As I have extracted them using Google Takeout. But, I don’t want the emails, I just need my attachments from them. So, is there any solution for this? If yes, then just let me know, please. ”

With the above user situation, we have come to the point that you need to go for the expert solution for this. As he mentioned, he has downloaded the emails through Google Takeaway. But, after having the MBOX file it seems he’s still frustrated.

That’s why here we recommend you to go for SYSDaddy MBOX File Converter Software. You can use this program and download multiple attachments from Gmail emails easily. Here, it provides different file formats to save. So, give it a try. It is worthy for extracting the attachments from the MBOX file.

Use its free trial version after downloading the software from below-

For Windows

Download Now Purchase Now

For Mac

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Steps to Download All Attachments from Gmail Quickly

Download the utility and follow the step stated below simply-

  1. Firstly click on the Add File option from the start Window of the tool
  2. download multiple attachments from gmail

  3. From the Selection Option choose Select file(s)/folder from file system. Now, tap the Next button
  4. select file or folder from file system

  5. Now, Browse the MBOX file that you have extracted through Google Takeout
  6. browse mbox file

  7. Afterwards, choose the HTML format as saving format
  8. choose html format tosave file

  9. At last, Select the location to save the file. Hit the Export icon to begin the download multiple attachments from Gmail process.
  10. download multiple attachments from gmail


Due to the most asked query i.e how to save multiple attachments from Gmail emails, we have come up with this article. However, there is no prior method or in-built tool has provided by Google to do so. Hence, here we have mentioned the useful methods for different circumstances. So, whatever situation you are in, here you got solutions.

Moreover, the SYSDaddy Software provides a free trial. So that, you can test the tool. Or, if you don’t need any complex things, then the above-mentioned programs will serve you well. Last but not the least, use any given solution to download multiple attachments from Gmail as per your situation.