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Best Methods to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Outlook calendar to Google calendar
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I am willing to access my Outlook calendar data on the go which is saved in PST file. For this reason, I want to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar. Which method  should I follow to transfer calendar from PST to Google without much trouble?

In real life, moving your calendar data is easy. You can rip off the required calendar page and take it wherever you want.  In the world of web, this process is comparatively complex. Whenever someone wants to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar, they have to go through a lengthy and time-consuming process. To add fuel to the fire, many people do not have clear idea about the calendar transfer process.

As you have landed on this page, you can leave all your worries aside. This blog will suggest some of the most reliable and accurate methods to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar. Read the full blog to know the step-by-step guides

Note: This blog will discuss moving existing Calendar entries into Google calendar. After the data transfer, any changes made on Outlook calendar will not reflect on Google Calendar as we are not syncing the calendars.

How to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Users can select from manual or automated solution to transfer calendar from MS Outlook to Google Gmail. In the following section, we will describe both methods.

Manual Steps to Open Outlook Calendar in Google Calendar

Though this is not a simple method, Outlook does provide an option to export its calendar entries into other applications.  Remember that this technique will not work if the Outlook PST file is already damaged. Follow the given steps to perform this manual method:

1: Start Outlook and open calendar section of it.

2. Click on File and then “Save Calendar.”

3. The calendar will be ready to be saved. If you are happy with the name and calendar date range, click on Save button.

4. If you want to make any changes, click on More Options button.

5. After making changes, Click on OK -> Save. The Outlook calendar will be saved as iCal format.

6. Login to your Google / Gmail Account.

7. Click on Calendar and scroll down on the left panel.

8. Click on + icon beside Other Calendars and click on Import.

9. A new window will open. Under Import section, click on Select File from your computer and add the ICS file.

10. Choose any calendar for Add to calendar section

11. Click on Import button to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Automate Solution to Add Outlook Calendar Data in Google

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If you want, you can easily get away with the hassle of extracting Outlook calendar data from Outlook with easy-to-use third party applications. Try SysTools PST Converter, the best application to extract and convert MS Outlook calendar data from PST file. With the help of this utility, you will be able to convert Outlook calendar in ICS format and then add that file in your Google Calendar. You can process PST file of any size without any data loss.

The best thing about this tool is it works even without Outlook installation. Calendar data can be extracted from PST file even if the file is damaged. Here are the steps to run this tool:

  1. Open Outlook PST Converter.
  2. Click on Add File button to navigate to the file location and select it.
  3. From the preview section, click on Export button.
  4. On the next screen, choose ICS file format, which is a standard file type for calendar.
  5. Click on Export button to save the ICS file.
  6. Then you can follow from step 6 of the Manual method to import the file in Google Calendar.

Which Method is Better to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

The answer to this question is relative. Both methods are popular among its users for an accurate result. If you want to perform the whole process without spending any money, you should go for the manual method. But if you want quick data migration, the software is the right choice for you. Apart from these, another point that matters is Outlook installation. If you do not have MS Outlook installed or want to extract data from corrupted Outlook PST file, then PST Converter is the only option for you.


Different online calendars have made our life more organized. For a number of reasons, people may want to add Outlook calendar to Google Calendar. If you are one of them, this blog is beneficial to you. It discussed both manual and automated method to add calendar from MS Outlook 2016 to Google. Users can follow the methods properly to export schedule data from one email client to another without any error.