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How to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF in Simple Manner?

Priya | Published: 2021-12-31T11:38:25+00:00|Hotmail | 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this tutorial, we have discussed different ways to save Hotmail emails as PDF. You can go for the manual method or SYSDaddy Hotmail Email Backup Tool that has been shared.

Are you looking for a solution to convert Hotmail to PDF format? Do you want to view your Hotmail emails in digital form without using any email client? Do you want to access your Hotmail emails in offline mode?

If yes, then we have got your back. Here, we will be discussing all the useful methods to help you out. Give a complete reading of this article from the beginning.

Well, it’s a well-known fact that the Hotmail email client is an older application. Despite having many users for a long time, now people start migrating from Hotmail. As there are more chances of data loss.

On the other hand, the PDF is a more secure and safe document file that can you use offline as well. Therefore, most of you might be looking for the best solution to export Hotmail emails to PDF file format.

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Before going further to the solutions for the same, first let us know what are the common causes for doing so.

Common Reasons to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF

Though the method is easy for doing so, but before exporting Hotmail email to PDF files you must be aware of the reasons behind this. A few of the common reasons are mentioned below-

Malicious Attacks- Saving your emails from Hotmail to PDF is a good practice because every now and then it may get subjected to malicious activities and there are chances of data theft.

Corruption of Files- Sometimes, situations arise when you accidentally delete a few emails or files get corrupted. So, to protect yourself and your data it is better to backup your Hotmail emails as PDF.

Server Crashing- Suppose you want to access your Hotmail emails urgently and suddenly the server crashed. In this situation, your data will be lost. So, to protect yourself from this loss it is better to save Hotmail emails as PDF document. By doing so, you will be able to access your emails offline as well.

These were some reasons that make you migrate from Hotmail email client. Now, in the next section, we will be sharing the best methods to help you out.

Techniques to Convert Hotmail to PDF File Format

There are two top techniques that you can use to export Hotmail emails to PDF easily. These are-

To know about these two methods in detail, read the next section carefully.

Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Manually

While we try to print an email from Hotmail, there is an in-built option that you can use to save Hotmail emails easily. However, this method is useful for one or a few emails but it will be an annoying task.

  1. First of all, login with your Hotmail account and access all emails
  2. Then in the next step click on the Print option from the Export option of the menu bar
  3. Now, apply Filters and choose the Save as PDF from the Print options
  4. Afterward, Browse a location to save the resultant file
  5. Lastly, hit the Save button to export Hotmail emails to PDF documents.

By using this method you will be able to save an individual email file in PDF format. If you want to save multiple Hotmail emails then you can repeat this task for all emails in the Hotmail account. As said before, when the number of your Hotmail emails raises up to save, the process becomes a tiresome process. Also, it will be a lengthy task to accomplish.

You can sum up this issue from the following user query-

I’m a Hotmail user for a long time, and now I have countless emails and some of them contain very important information. I tried this manual method, but it is really a headache for repeating the same task for multiple emails. Is there any other method that can help me to save Hotmail email as PDF format with attachments in one go? Please guide me. Thank you in advance.

If this is the case, then we will not be going to use this traditional method. Hence, there comes a need for a reliable solution that can complete this task by processing batch Hotmail emails.

Batch Export Hotmail Emails to PDF via Automated Method

When the manual method fails while saving Hotmail emails, in this situation, the SYSDaddy Software helps you out. It is the most trustable and professional recommended solution that you can use to convert Hotmail to PDF in batch easily.

Download the software from the buttons given below, and use the tool.

For Windows

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Without wasting a time, let us switch to the step-by-step guide of this utility.

Steps to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF in Windows

Download and install the application on your computer and follow the following steps-

  1. Before anything else, login with your Hotmail credentials
  2. login-with-hotmail-credentials

  3. From the appeared Window, select PDF file format in the section of Select Export Options
  4. select-pdf-to-save-hotmail-emails-as-pdf

  5. Following this, by applying Date Filters and Browse the location
  6. browse the location

  7. Lastly, click on the Start button to backup the Hotmail emails.
  8. start-to-save-hotmail-emails-as-pdf

By using this method, you can easily save Hotmail email as PDF file format in an easy way. But if you want to save some specific emails then you can select by applying filters.

How to Convert Hotmail to PDF File On Mac?

In the above method, we have described how you can export Hotmail emails to PDF for Windows operating system users, here, we will be discussing the steps for Mac users. Follow the steps outlined below-

  1. Firstly, login by entering your Hotmail ID and password
  2. login-with-hotmail-credentials

  3. Secondly, choose the Select Category, and then from the Select Export Format, select any desired format
  4. save-hotmail-emails-as-pdf

  5. Then apply Advance Settings and click on the OK button to proceed further
  6. apply-advance-settings

  7. Lastly, click the Start Backup the backup process of Hotmail email.
  8. start-to-save-hotmail-emails-as-pdf

You can apply Date filters if you want to save some particular Hotmail emails to PDF file format.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, you have come across the best methods to save Hotmail emails as PDF file format. However, you can save them one by one using the traditional method through the in-built print option but when it comes to saving multiple emails from Hotmail to PDF with attachments, this method fails.

Therefore, the automated method that has been mentioned above will come forward as a life saver to complete your saving process. The software is available for both Windows and Mac users. So, you can use any as per your requirements.