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How to Open MBOX File in Chrome on Windows and Mac OS?

Open MBOX File in Chrome
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Users Query

Hi, I have an orphan .mbox file containing crucial messages. May I know how to open MBOX file in Chrome on Windows OS? I want to read Mbox files offline, but I don’t want to open them in any email client, so for that, I am looking for a reliable solution. Kindly suggest me something.

I am a Ph.D. student and I have received a file for my research work on .mbox ext on Mac OS. Now I am unable to open it, I need to open it asap in a Mac Chrome browser format so that I could continue my research. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

The chrome web browser supports only HTML files. So, this issue can be fixed by converting them into HTML format and if you just want to view the file and its emails then you can just simply open and preview them.

But, the question still arises about how to open MBOX file without opening them in any email client.

If you are one of them who want a way to fix this issue then now no need to worry, here, we will share the best solution to help you out.

Read the complete guide to know about the solution in detail.

But wait, before going to further information. Let us discuss the need to do so.

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Opening MBOX Files in Google Chrome

Though, the MBOX file is similar to the PST file, as it contains a collection of emails. Microsoft Outlook does not support the MBOX file though.

If you start Googling, you’ll come across a bunch of ‘free’ viewers to open MBOX files in the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac OS. Most of these are free in the demo sense. We eventually found this solution and tested that it worked.

In the present era, the demand to open MBOX files has grown at an exponential rate. The reason for this may be as simple as being able to open them in Chrome and other web browsers, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Moreover, it could be the case of the purpose of archiving emails. Whatever the case may be, the truth remains that many of you out there are looking for a way to open MBOX in Google Chrome on Windows and Mac OS. Also, everyone prefers the data to be in perfect condition.

As a result, we now have the best conversion procedure that is simple to execute. So, without a delay. let’s begin.

Open MBOX File In Chrome Browser – Free Solution

As you know there is no manual way to open MBOX files in Chrome browser. Hence, the SYSDaddy Free Google MBOX file Viewer is the best solution to your problem to open the MBOX file. It will open your MBOX file on both Windows 11, 10,8 and Mac OS of all versions.

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By using it, you can easily open and view MBOX files in HTML format that too along with attachments. You can view all the files and folders that are saved in MBOX files so that they can be opened in the Chrome browser.
So, now that you have understood the purpose of the application, let’s see how the tool works.

Step by Step Guide to Open MBOX File In Chrome

Before anything else in respect to opening files in chrome Windows and Mac OS. Download the software on your computer and follow the following steps to know the working on Windows –

Step 1 – After that, click on to Add File option from the left panel of the appearing window

add files to open mbox file in Chrome

Step 2 – A pop-up will arrive, following that, select MBOX files and select any given option from the selection option. Then, tap the Next to proceed further

select mbox file

Step 3 – Press the Browse button to Select Path<s/trong> and tap the Process button

tap process button

Step 4– Finally, preview the emails in HTML format.

view files in HTML format

Note: If you want to convert the MBOX file into HTML format then go for the SYSDaddy Google MBOX file converter wizard to get the resultant file in HTML format.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Apart from Google Chrome, you can also open MBOX files in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and other web browsers.

Amazing Features of the Software

The tool offers unlimited benefits to you. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Batch Processing: This utility supports opening multiple MBOX files at once. For this, just choose the Select Folders option & Add the folder having multiple MBOX files.
  • Open only desired items: Yes, in this tool, you can open only specific MBOX files in Chrome browser on both Windows and Mac OS. It provides you an option to choose only desired MBOX file.
  • Save attachments separately: Through this application, you can save the inline attachment files to a separate folder easily.
  • Open without email client: It is a completely stand-alone application. You don’t need to have an email client in your system to open MBOX file in Google chrome.
  • Open corrupted MBOX files in Chrome: Another great benefit of this software is, you can even open corrupted MBOX files in the Chrome browser.
  • Final Words

    Let’s Wind up this article here.

    In this article, we have discussed one of the most common questions asked by many of you out there.

    As a result, this guide is a perfect tutorial for you all about how to open MBOX file in Chrome on Windows and Mac OS. By using the software, you can easily open both (orphaned and files without extension) MBOX files. Apart from Chrome, you can also open it in other Web browsers.

    Hence, save your efforts and time by using this advanced utility. Moreover, you will be able to open MBOX file without losing any bit of data.

    Save your efforts and time by using this advanced MBOX to HTML Converter. This solution will help you open MBOX file in Chrome without losing any information. No MBOX-supported email client is required.


    Q – Do I have to install an email client while using this tool to open MBOX file in Chrome on Windows?

    No, absolutely not, you don’t need to install or configure an email client to do so while using this tool. Along with this, it will work on both Windows and Mac operating system, so, you no need to worry about.

    Q – Does this application will format the file basics editing I have done?

    No, not at all, This application does not format any editing or hierarchy of your MBOX files.