Free Google Takeout Viewer

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Google MBOX Viewer Tool

An Independent App to View Bundle of MBOX Files At A Time

  • Free Google Takeout Viewer Software to Read MBOX File with Attachments
  • Enables Clients to Preview Emails of MBOX File of Any Email Applications
  • Add File and Add Folder to Browse More Than One MBOX File Simultaneously
  • Smart Feature of Auto-Fetching MBOX Files from Default Thunderbird Profile
  • Load all Items of Processed MBOX Files with ‘Total Item Count’ Attribute
  • Software Perform In-Depth Analysis of MBOX Emails for Forensic Purposes
  • Maintain the Actual Folder Structure of the folder containing MBOX Files
  • File Mode allows to Open and View (MBX/MBS/MBOX) Files Individually
  • Free Installation and Configuration with No Hidden Charges in Gmail MBOX Viewer

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Let’s Have A Look On Features of Free MBOX File Viewer

Open MBOX File on Windows

View MBOX File on MS Windows

Without hampering a single alphabet, MBOX reader processes the browsed MBOX files and load fetched data on preview panel. It opens emails with proper formatting and in a systematic manner. Email attributes like From, To, Subject, Sent Date, Size in Bytes, etc., are also listed in this free viewer.

View MBOX File with Attachments

Extract MBOX With Attachments

Google MBOX viewer application generates the preview of fetched emails along with their attachments. These attachments are in the same format as they were at the time of attaching them. The software supports email attachment of any type like images, documents, text files, presentations, etc.

Detect Email Clients

Smart Option to Auto Load MBOX

Users can read Thunderbird MBOX file in a smart manner by using in-built feature of automatically loading .mbox file from its default location. If a person has Mozilla Thunderbird installed and properly configured in his or her machine, this freeware auto fetches all MBOX files from default location.

Open MBOX File by 2 Mode

Browse With Anyone of the 2 Options

Google MBOX Viewer enables users to load and open multiple .mbox files at a time. There are two modes to browse bulk of MBOX files – File mode and Folder mode. With file mode, users can add a single file at a time, and by using Folder mode, users can add multiple MBOX files simultaneously.

Standalone Tool

Independent Tool to Read MBOX Files

No matter whether you are browsing one .mbox or more, Google Takeout Viewer Software does not demand for any email client installation in background. This simply means that no compatible program, which uses or creates MBOX files, is required to work with this application.

Easy GUI

Easy to Understand and Use Interface

Even if clients are not from technical domain then also, they can use MBOX file reader software to extract emails and their attachments from MBOX files. There are no complicated steps incorporated in this app. All steps to view MBOX file are described in this freeware for easy navigation.

Screenshots – MBOX Reader Software

Client Reviews

Video – MBOX Reader Software


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