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NEW PDF Cutter For Mac Free Download

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Do you have a heavy PDF stored in your Mac desktop / laptop that you would like to cut in several files? Well, we have come up with PDF Cutter for Mac operating system. You can download the free edition of the software and try it yourself. There are 6 ways you can split PDF file into multiple documents. I will explain each of them in the upcoming section.

Supported MAC OS: The tool supports Mac OS X 10.8 and above

Free Edition: The free version is only for trial and allows you to split only the first 5 PDF Files. Also adding the watermark on the resultant PDF files.

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Premium Edition: This is a full version of the tool. You can get its license for unlimited splitting and merging of PDF files without a watermark.

Six Options To Cut Your PDF Files (NO Formatting Issues)

Manually there is no way to break the large PDF into multiple files, that is why there are various tools for Mac available in the market to cut large size PDF document. SYSDaddy designed PDF cutter for Mac is the best utility when it comes to safely and securely divde the PDF document. It has 6 different options to cut PDF according to needs of the users. When we say safely and securely we mean, the tool easily retains the file format, text, font, page orientation, layout, and file structure same as the original PDF document.

Let us have a look on the different available option to cut PDF on Mac OS:

1. Page: You can cut the particular page from the given PDF into a separate file. Just provide the page number and the PDF cutter will create a separate PDF for that page.

2. Size: As the name suggest, you can cut PDF according to size. Define the file size in the given textbox MB(min 1 MB to max 2 GB).

3. Range: With this option, you can provide the particular range of the PDF from which you want to create a separate file.

4. Cut by Odd Pages: You can cut all the odd numbered pages of the PDF file into separate document such as as 1, 3, 5, 7 & so on.

5. Cut by Even Pages: Same as Odd pages, you can cut all the even numbered pages from the PDF files and create a PDF containing all the even pages of the source PDF file.

6. Each Page: The software allows you to cut each page of the PDF file and make multiple files having the single page of the source PDF file.

How to Break Large PDF Using PDF Cutter For Mac OS

Follow the given procedure to cut PDF into multiple documents on Mac OS:

Step 1: Download and Install the PDF cutter on your system. Select “Split” option by clicking on the button.

Step 2: Click on the “Add Files / Add Folder” option to find PDF files from the system and load them into the software.

Step 3: Choose the desired option to cut your PDF file. Press the “Split” button.

pdf cutter for mac

Step 4: The tool will perform the action and after a successful operation will prompt “Split process completed successfully” message. Click OK.

A Professional Automated PDF Tool For The Professionals

The tool is designed for professionals to carry operation with 100% precision without compromising the PDF formatting and other layout elements. Along with this, the PDF cutter for Mac comes with many innovative features.

  • The utility can easily and accurately cut PDF files in bulk.
  • Maintains formatting and page layout structure along with fonts.
  • You can choose to keep attachments in the resultant PDF files
  • There will no size limitation on the PDF files.
  • You can cut password-protected PDF documents (password must be provided).
  • The tool also has the capability of merging different PDF documents into one single PDF file.
  • The software supports all the editions of Adobe PDF.

Author Suggestion

With all the divide options and the precision it shows while cutting the PDF, this PDF cutter for Mac operating system is the best utility present in the market. The software is the first choice for many legal and paralegals professionals. Many private firms are using this tool because it provides numerous benefits without compromising the text and page layout structure.