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How to Recover Deleted MP4 Files from SD Card – Instant Solution

How To Recover Deleted MP4 Files From memory Card
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“Since a long time I stored my all MP4 files in my SD card. One day I want to see my all video but I can’t capable to see because my all data is deleted from SD card. It was a big disaster in my life, i don’t know how to recover deleted mp4 files from sd card. Please help me and suggest me how to recover deleted data from micro SD card or memory card with software without losing any data.”

How to Works Micro SD Card

Electronic chips like micro SD cards are most usually used in Tablets, Smart phones, cameras and other digital gadgets to keep data. Having an advantage such as the small size, storage capacity, portability will not avoid data loss from micro memory cards. Data stored in micro memory cards are also vulnerable to data loss just like other storage devices.

Memory card or SD card users get along with a misconception that recovery of deleted data is impossible. But in actual, this software provides solution to restore deleted MP4 files from SD card of brands such as Sony, HP, Transcend, Sandisk, and many more.

Reasons of Deletion of MP4 Files from SD Card | Memory Card

  • Unintentionally Deletion:- Sometimes users delete waste data from their SD card. But, you do not know when your delete necessary MP4 files from memory card.
  • Virus Attack:- Sometimes you attach your SD card in the publicly used device like café, school, college, and office. From there virus comes in users SD card and corrupt or delete all video files from SD card.
  • Improper Ejection:- All of a sudden ejection of SD card from camera/ phone or from laptop/ computer sometimes outcomes in deletion of data
  • Shut-down the Computer:- When users move data from micro SD card to the computer. Suddenly, due to power failure shut down the computer, it is caused by data deletion.

Recover Deleted MP4 Files From SD Card With SD Card Recovery Software

You can restore your deleted, corrupted data by using Pen Drive data recovery software. It application is simple to use by using this utility users can recover video files instantly. It supports to recover deleted videos and photos as well as other media files from memory card. Software supports windows version like Windows 10 and all below windows versions.

The main thing in this tool before you purchase the program provides the opportunity to show data, the choice of recovery and then only take a decision to buy. This tool provides free demo versions. It provides advanced search options. It also provides the option to restore chosen data.

Steps to Recover Deleted MP4 Files From SD Card | Memory Card With Software

Step 1. Download and launch the SD card recovery software.

deleted data recovery

Step 2. Now, select one of the recovery option either scan or formatted scan.

How To Recover permanently Deleted MP4 Files From SD Card

Step 3. The tool gives you the preview option and also provides the option for finding specific files.

How To restore Deleted MP4 Files From SD Card

Step 4. Just click on save button and extract recovered SD card data.

How To Recover Deleted MP4 Files From SD Card

Some Things to Remember That Protects from Losing Data

  1. See two times before deleting any file from the SD card
  2. Always try safely remove device option while disconnecting SD card from any device
  3. Do not use one micro SD card on numerous systems
  4. Use any reliable anti-virus to get a free virus infection
  5. Whenever you save any file in your SD card always take backup.

Author Suggestion

With the help of SD card data recovery software you can recover deleted MP4 files from SD card. It is a safe and secure tool. Just follow the above simple steps and recover your data securely.