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New Discovery Reveals How to Recover Corrupted Jpeg Files from SD Card

how to recover corrupted jpeg files from sd card
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In this technological era, most of the users knows how to recover corrupted JPEG files from SD card one place to another. But, few things users failed to execute decently and lose their crucial data. At times, they search an alternative method to recover corrupted files. So, we consider this problem and come up with a solution for the same.

Here, in this post, we are going to unwrap the outstanding approach to resolve how to recover damaged JPEG files from SD Card problem. But, before proceeding further, let’s understand this topic more, with the assist of few users real-life question. All the below-outlined user’s premise are taken from the forum website:

Know How to Recover Corrupted Jpeg Files from SD Card Flawlessly

There is no availability of the manual solution to retrieve corrupted JPEG files from SD card. But, here, we come up with this amazing tool named Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool. Using this application you can simply recover corrupted JPEG files from SD Card. Primarily, this application can restore accidentally or intentionally corrupted JPEG files from SD card. This application ease impressive features and functionalities, which makes this software convenient.

This application also restores deleted all in all, it is a perfect way to recover corrupted JPEG files from memory card. Therefore, any user either technical or non-technical use this amazing tool without taking any external assistance.

Guide to Recover Corrupted JPEG Files From SD Card

Here, we are going to inform the directions to restore corrupted JPEG files from SD Card. Users just have to follow all the steps sequential, to get the expected resultant:

Step 1: Download SD Card Data Recovery Tool

First of all, install and run the SD card recovery software after that connected local machine.

deleted data recovery

Step 2:  Gives Various Options to Retrieve Corrupted JPEG Files From SD Card

This application facilitates particular options such as Scan and Formatted Scan to recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data.
Scan: Opt this scan option to recover corrupted and deleted data files and folders from memory card.
Formatted Scan: Choose formatted scan option to retrieve formatted files from SD card.

Now, you have to choose Scan option because your corrupted files are deleted instead of formatting.

retrieve files from memory card

Step 3: Display Live Scanning Report

Subsequently, after selecting the scan type option for scanning the drive. Then, the application will display a live scanning report in the left corner. However, you have to wait until it turns to 100% and after completion of the scanning procedure, you can view all the folders in the left panel as follows:

Step 4: View All Detail of Chosen Drive

After completion of the scanning process. Here, this software shows all information associated with it. Mainly, it will display all the folders into the right panel and highlight those folders which include data inside. So, you can explore the folder and view complete data into the right panel of application.

recover files from SD card

Step 5: Recover and Export Specific Files

Ultimately, this utility provides you different options to export the recovered data i.e., either Complete recovered data or Save selected data. So, you can choose any option according to your necessity. Once you choose the option after that, the application will begin the export procedure. When the export procedure is being completed.

Step 6: Save All Files

At last, the software will notify you by a prompted message that says Export Completed Successfully. Thus, click on OK to proceed ahead to view recovered corrupted files from SD card.

restore data from SD card

Author Suggestion

After reading the complete article. Hopefully, you will get rid of your issue such as how to recover corrupted JPEG files from SD card. Mainly, we mention the perfect technique to retrieve corrupted JPEG files from SD card failure quickly. Using SD card recovery software, you can simply execute the procedure to do the same. Moreover, you can download this SD card data recovery tool on any Windows machine. Because it does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues. It supports all enhanced and below versions of Windows OS. So, simply install this flawless tool and resolve this awkward trouble instantly.

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