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Learn How to Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac OS X

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Different industries are demanding bates for their legal, medical, and other records that number best practices. We suggested a commonly recognized way to add page numbers to PDF on Mac. Out of three methods whichever methods you find suitable according to your requirement. But make sure to select a method safe and secure.

PDF bates numbering is an indexing technique for the ease of obtaining and identifying legal and all other records. The special bates number/page number indicating the unicity of the PDF page number is applied to the PDF pages of a book. In the headers and footers of PDF pages, these numbers generally appear.

Let’s move to the methods that project the guidelines for PDF paginate Mac OS in step by step manner.

Method 1: Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac OS X Using Word

Both Mac and Windows PC users can use Microsoft Word. You can use this app to add page numbers to PDF files if you have it installed on your computer. This program allows you to adjust the page number parameters, ensuring that the page numbers are placed correctly on each page. Take the basic steps listed below to add page numbers to your PDF document using Microsoft Word:

Limitation – If you have few PDF files, then you can use the above solution.

Precaution – Some websites provide free “PDF Bates” services online. If you want to keep the confidentiality of your papers, don’t use them. Since nothing is free, their service will come at a cost to your PDF data privacy.

Method 2: Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac via Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is also one of the accurate PDF document editors available. The app will assist you with adding page numbers to your PDF file.
It’s worth noting that Adobe Acrobat can be very pricey. This indicates that if you do not deal with PDF files on a daily basis, using the tool will not be cost-effective. You can go to the next segment to learn about the budget-friendly solution.

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Acrobat for Mac on your desktop.
Step 2: Open Adobe Acrobat and drag and drop the PDF file you want to add numbers into it.
Step 3: Find and select the “Tools” alternative in the top-right corner.
Step 4: To open the drop-down list, tap the Pages option. Select Header and Footer from the drop-down menu, then click on Add option.
Step 5: A prompt will appear showcasing the Header and Footer. Pick the Insert Page Number option when this window appears.
Step 6: Choose the location that best suits your needs. Page numbers can be inserted in the middle, right, and left header positions, as well as the center, right, and left-footer positions, in Adobe Acrobat. Once you’ve entered the page number, click the OK button.

Method 3: Using PDF Bates Numberer

On Mac operating systems, users can conveniently add page numbers to PDF files by selecting any font type, font color, and location. For the Bates numbering method, several PDF files may be inserted at once. Along with the Page number, you can add a Prefix and Suffix. If more than one PDF file is added, advanced settings allow you to place bates in a continuous series.

download PDF Bates Numberer

How to Add Page Numbers to a PDF on a Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: On your Mac computer, open Mac PDF Bates Numberer. To add PDFs to which you want to add bates numbers, click “Add Files / Add Folder.”

add pdfs

Step 2. Check the Mac machine for PDF files and click on Open after making the selection.

Note – Please provide the valid password if your PDF file is protected through the Open/User Password Document. PDFs with security only at the owner-level or with limitations (editing, writing, copying, etc.) do not require a password of any kind.

Step 3. To save the resultant PDF files, click the “Change” tab. This tool will place your desktop by default. To continue, click “Next.”

You get the following options if you choose the “Page Bates Generate Number” option:

• Number of Digits: Specify your PDF bate numbers for the number of digits you want.
• Start Number: Specifies how many PDF bates you would like to initiate.
• Increment By: How much you would like the number to increase.
• Prefix: This would let you can provide the text before the number here.
• Suffix: The text to arrive after the number can be given here.
• Bates No. Position: Choose where bates number should be located on the PDF page Bates number.

add page numbers to PDF on Mac

• Press the Next button after making all the additional settings.

Step 4. If you find selection and settings satisfactory. Then press the ‘Generate’ button.
• The tool will show you “Bates Number Generation Completed Successfully,” after you have generated the PDF files with bate numbers.