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How to Export G Suite Mailbox to PST Format Get Instant Solution?

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Summary:- If you want to know how to export the G Suite mailbox to PST. Or what can be done to export g suite emails? Then, you have come to the right page. Here, we will be explaining to you different strategies for exporting google workspace email to outlook pst format.

However, Google Apps has been a great platform when it comes to setting mailbox with the given domain. Along with it, G Suite provides other special features that you don’t get from other email clients. Like it provides access to Google Sheets, Drive, Docs, and Google applications.

On the other hand, when Microsoft launched the Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, version, many organizations decided to switch to Outlook. Because it is more convenient for large organizations.

Though the task of export Google workspace mailbox to PST format is not an easy one but here we will provide you best solutions for this. So, don’t worry and stick to this article.

Available Strategies to Export Google Workspace Email to PST

There are basically two approaches that you can use to perform this task –

  1. Manual Export Task
  2. Migrate Mailbox of Single User
  3. Automated Solution to Export G Suite Emails

Export G Suite Email to PST Using Data Export Tool

If you are not aware of the Google in-built tool then yes there is a tool that will help you. Google has launched this Data Export tool. So, follow the below steps to know the working –

  • Before anything else, sign in to your G Suite account (use Super Administrator credentials)
  • Then, tap on the Next button to proceed further
  • In the second step, go to the Admin Console and tap on the side Arrow
  • Now, just select the Data Export option from the Tools menu on the right panel
  • Here, hit the Start Export button to begin the process to export the G Suite mailbox to PST format

Important Note: For this task, Google will send you the confirmation for your exported data. However, it takes approx. 72 hours, but it might take up to 14 days depending on the G Suite data. Until then just for the message.

  • After getting the confirmation link, just open it and pick the Access Archive option
  • Then, navigate to the root folder in the archive to see a list of users’ folders in the Google Cloud storage. Doing this there will be a zip file for each folder.
  • Finally, to get the data just double-click on them and open the user’s data. One more thing that you need to know, you can only have access to the exported data for 30 days before permanent deletion.

Limitation of Using Data Export Method

  • With this data export tool, you will not be able to export specific data from G Suite.
  • Moreover, you will only be able to repeat this exportation task 30 days after the last G Suite mailbox export.
  • Likewise, the resultant data you will get on the Google cloud will be in Zip format.
  • Besides, the Zip format will be unzipped in the MBOX format, which is not supported by the Outlook application. So, as a result, you will not be able to export the G Suite mailbox to PST format.

As this zip format will be in the MBOX format, so you will need to convert MBOX file into PST format. Therefore, you can use the G Suite mailbox data in your MS Outlook data.

Export G Suite Mailbox to PST For Single User

To process this for the G Suite account you must proceed with the below manual steps –

Step 1 – Enable IMAP in Your G Suite Account

  1. Firstly, login into your G Suite account, choose the Settings option
  2. Here, tap on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  3. Then, mouse-click on the enable IMAP option and Save the Changes that you have done so far.

Step 2 – Configure G Suite Account into MS Outlook

To move ahead with the process to export google workspace email to PST, the next step is to configure it into Outlook –

  1. Firstly, open your MS Outlook application,
  2. Secondly, go to the File and tap on the Add Account in Info Section
  3. Now, put your email credentials and hit the Sign-in button
  4. By doing this, you have successfully configured your G Suite account into Outlook, then finish it by clicking on the Done button.

Step 3 – Export G Suite Mailbox to PST Format

  1. To access the mailbox of the G Suite account you need to go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export
  2. Select the “Export to a file” option and tap on the Next button
  3. Now, choose the folder that includes G Suite emails and hit Next to proceed
  4. Lastly, Browse the location to save the resultant PST file and hit the Finish button.
  5. So, this was the other manual process to perform the task to export g suite emails to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010, applications.

Limitations of Manual Method by Configuration

In this method, you will face certain limitations, these are –

  • The first limitation is that you will need an Outlook application with proper configuration.
  • Along with this, when you configure the IMAP, it will only Sync Inbox Data. So, no other data from your G Suite mailbox will be exported.
  • Likewise, it does not allow the configuration of multiple accounts at once.
  • Additionally, it is a bit technical process, which means, you must have the proper technical knowledge to perform this manual migration task.

Export G Suite Mailbox to PST by Using Best Method

In the above section, you have read multiple limitations of both methods to exporting G Suite mailbox to PST. Therefore, it becomes the need to do this task carefully. Hence, we have a better solution for you to complete this migration process.

Users don’t need to use a specialized program that they can trust. That’s why we recommend you go for the SYSDaddy Google Workspace Backup Wizard. This program is quite sufficient to export google workspace email to PST. It will provide you with a resultant PST file.

Moreover, unlike, the above method you will not require to have the technical knowledge to use it. So, export your entire mailbox including emails, contacts, calendars, and documents at once.

Steps to Export G Suite Mailbox to PST File

First of all, download the software on your PC and follow the below steps to export google workspace mailbox to pst –

For Windows

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For Mac

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  • Once the software screen opens, select the category such as Emails

export g suite mailbox to pst

  • In the next step, fill the admin and other credentials accordingly and tap on the Next button

how to export g suite emails

  • Then, in the Select Path option save the resultant PST file of the user account

how to export g suite emails to PST

  • In the last step, hit the Start Backup option to create a backup of the mailbox of your G Suite account.

export g suite mailbox to pst


There could be many reasons behind Export G Suite Mailbox to PST Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and all the below versions. Therefore, today, in this article, we have mentioned different ways to export google workspace email to pst format. You can use the above manual method but the file will not be supported in an Outlook account. Hence, we recommend you choose the second professional approach to go for the completion of the process. With this, you will get a secure and accurate result for your G Suite account.