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Trap the Quick Methods to Convert Lotus Notes NSF File to PDF Document

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Are you the one seeking for a free manual approach to convert NSF to PDF documents? Do you really have a need to print Lotus Notes emails to PDF format? If yes, you have landed at the absolute correct place. Today in the official post of SysDaddy, we are going to cover different approaches for NSF file to PDF conversion.

In today’s date, mostly large organizations only prefer the use of Lotus Notes email client. It is so because it is quite expensive to maintain, and demands for expertise knowledge to use it. In general, the major problem arises when somebody has to share an important email with other individual and this particular individual does not has Lotus Notes installed on his or her machine. In such situation, enterprise officials prefer NSF to PDF conversion so as to make important messages portable and easy-to-use on any digital platform.

Causes to Export IBM Notes Messages to Adobe PDF Format

The core reason due to which business employees convert NSF file to PDF is that it comprises of several advanced features within it and is accessible on any platform. In fact, nowadays companies and government workers make use of PDF file, either to show digital evidences or for any other purpose. Following are some more possible causes due to which users perform NSF to PDF conversion:

  • End users desire to save important NSF emails locally on PC.
  • Secure important NSF file by enforcing PDF password lock.
  • Make core NSF emails accessible on several platforms.
  • Changing the job from one company to another.

Different Solutions to Convert NSF to PDF

Explore the below mentioned steps to easily convert Lotus Notes NSF file to PDF.

Solution #1 : Use PDFMarker Feature

  1. Install Adobe Acrobat application on your PC and once the installation gets finished, proceed with next step
  2. A feature named as PDFMarker is present in Acrobat, which is used only to export NSF emails to PDF
  3. Launch source Lotus Notes app and choose the NSF messages that you wish to print in PDF format
  4. Click on Action tab and then, select ‘Convert Selected messages to Adobe PDF’
  5. This opens a window in which you have to mention the system location where resultant Adobe documents are to be saved
  6. Click on Save button to continue with NSF to PDF conversion
  7. Once the entire conversion procedure gets finished, it will automatically open the document. In a chronological sequence, you can preview all the converted messages.

Does The Solution Converts Attachments Too?

Well, that’s really a serious question! There might be a situation where users have emails with attachments to be converted from NSF to PDF. It is completely impossible to achieve conversion with attachments by the successful execution of the solution (1). Also, following are some drawbacks of the approach mentioned above:

  • It will not convert NSF files with attachments in Adobe PDF.
  • Bulk conversion is not supported in the described approach.
  • Technical expertise is needed to achieve successful resultant.
  • Lots of time and efforts are needed to convert NSF file to PDF.

Seems as if you are now blank and thinking – what do then? Just chill, nothing to worry, we still have Solution (2).

Solution #2 : Professional Approach

There exists NSF to PDF converter product, which is one of the best and hassle-free approaches to print Lotus Notes emails to PDF format. It overcomes all the drawbacks of solution (1) and enables users to experience a simple conversion procedure. The solution supports NSF files in batch that means bulk conversion is easily supported in it. Some of the noteworthy features offered in this application are listed below :

  • Convert Lotus Notes NSF file to PDF with attachments
  • Supports batch file conversion without hassle
  • Renders preview of emails before conversion
  • Embedded with no file size limitation within it

It’s So Simple

Things are easy to carry, if an automated approach is available at the reasonable rate in market. Why to waste time in manual method when a quick solution is coded by developers to convert NSF file to PDF? Enterprises can opt for NSF to PDF file converter to print multiple NSF files in PDF format and that too with attachments. There will be no data loss during the conversion with this application and users can trust it in aspects of data integrity as well.