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Fix Microsoft Word Found Unreadable Content in Word 2019, 2016, 2013

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An error like Microsoft Word found unreadable content in Document can be quite vexatious. It is worst especially if you are working on some crucial data in Microsoft Word. However, the Word document can become inaccessible because of a bunch of errors. Eventually, it start showing “unreadable content in Word” on the screen.


And if you are also having such errors in Word 2016, 2019, 2013 then, no worries. As we have got you covered in this situation. So, here, we are going to introduce some workable approaches. Just stick to this tutorial till the last to learn.

However, Word document is the most popular and usable application. But somehow, if you have edited the file in the wrong manner, then you may encounter an unreadable error. Then, you need to re-optimize it. But, even after reoptimizing it if the said error didn’t remove then you need to repair corrupt Word file document.

For this bug, there are many users who have been facing this issue. Here, a few of the user queries we are sharing with you-

User Query 1


User Query 2


Approaches to Resolve Microsoft Word Found Unreadable Content in Document Bug

To solve this query, you can try any of the below-stated methods. Basically, there are two methods for this Found Unreadable Content in Word 2016, 2019, 2013 –

  • Manual Tactic
  • Automated Tactic
  • So, to understand them in detail, let’s know each one by one in the next section.

    What Can Be Done Manually to Fix this Word Document Bug?

    To do it manually, you can try both the below tricks by yourself. In the first trick, you can resolve the error by using the in-built feature of Microsoft Word. It is named Any File Converter which converts the different document formats into Word document. So, to apply this feature follow the steps outlined below-

    1. First of all, run the MS Word on Windows OS
    2. Then, from the initial screen, just click on the Open Other Document in Word 2013, 2016, 2019
    3. microsoft word found unreadable content in document

    4. Now, double click the Recent Documents option
    5. click on recent document

    6. By doing so, you will get a pop-up. Here, select the particular word document that you are unable to read. Then, just next to this, from the drop-down option, pick the Recover Text from Any File option. After this, simply tap on the Open button.
    7. click on open

    8. With this process, Word will open the selected document in a readable form.

    Note: This process might not work for every version of the Word. So, you can skip to another manual method to give it a try.

    Use Inbuilt Function of Microsoft Word

    In this manual approach, you can just simply open the unreadable content in Word 2019, 2016, 2013 document. So, just go through with the below-mentioned instructions carefully-

    1. In the first step, run the MS Word application of any version
    2. Secondly, choose the Open Other Document from the initial screen of the MS Word
    3. open-other-word-document

    4. Then, in the next screen, double click the Recent Documents option in Word
    5. unreadable content in word

    6. Here, select that Word file that you are unable to read. After this, select the Open and Repair option from the drop-down in the open icon. Finally, hit the Open button to fix Microsoft Word found unreadable content in document error.
    7. microsoft word found unreadable content in document

    By doing so, it will eventually open the entire content in the New Word file. So, here, you will be able to read the content.

    But, if none of these manual workaround works or most of the time none of these are feasible. It only leads to the Word content in the worst situation. So, to settle this bug proficiently you should read the next section.

    Automatically Resolve Microsoft Word Found Unreadable Content in Document

    Even after applying the above techniques to settle word found unreadable content error. It means the Word document has been corrupted severely. Therefore, to help you to conquer this situation we are here with an automated solution. Hence, we would recommend you to go for the maestro SYSDaddy Word File Recovery Wizard.

    Here, through this, you will be able to rectify all the bugs in the Word document. Not just this, you can save the readable content at any location or in a new Word Document. Also, it supports all the version of the Microsoft Word 2019, 2016, 2013 and below versions

    To know more about this, you can download the tool from below and know how to fix unreadable Microsoft Word content.

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    Instructions to Fix Unreadable Word File Data

    First of all, you need to download the mentioned software on your PC. Then, after installing it properly, follow the given steps to know the working of the tool-

    1. Run the utility then click on the Add button to add the unreadable Word file
    2. add-unreadable-word-file

    3. In the second step, you can either Search the file if you don’t know the location
    4. search-unreadable-word-document

    5. After this, click on the Repair button to read the content in a Word file
    6. unreadable content in document

    7. Now, Preview the recovered content on the Word document on the screen
    8. Finally, tap the Save button to save the output file at any destination path
    9. microsoft word found unreadable content in document

    So, these were the few simple steps that you needed to follow to read the Word content again.


    If you are tired of finding what happened to the Word document. And looking for a solution to fix Microsoft Word found unreadable content in document error. Then, we have discussed all the practicable findings here. So, you can use and apply any one of them whichever is suitable for your situation. However, the automated professional SYSDaddy Tool is the best outcome that we would suggest for resolving word 2016, 2019, 2013 error.