Outlook PST Splitter Tool

Reliable Utility to Split PST file without Outlook by Size, Folder, Date, Year, Category, and Email ID.

  • Two Options: Add Single or Multiple PST Files / Folders
  • Ability to Break Healthy and Corrupted Outlook Files
  • Divide Archive and Password-protected files smoothly
  • Split large PST file from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010
  • Support Breaking ANSI & UNICODE files into small size
*Free Download is only for splitting limited data only

Why Choose SYSDaddy Outlook PST Splitter Tool?

Oversized PST files are very prone to damage. This motivates us to split large PST files into small size. However, Outlook doesn't have a built-in utility to help break PST files. Well what's to be done next? In this case, you must take the help of SYSDaddy Outlook PST Split Tool which is one of the easiest solutions to tackle with overisized files issue. It permits you to quickly split PST files by size, folder, year, date, email ID, and category. This advanced Outlook PST file splitter utility is programmed with strong algorithm that can split oversized PST files into multiple small files with full accuracy. It supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and other versions to divide large data files. Moreover, the source PST file remains unchanged after being split with this program.

Remarkable Features of Outlook Split PST Software

Split PST File by Size

Split PST File by Size

This option allows you to easily split large PST files into smaller pieces by specifying the size you want. You can specify the size in MB, GB, or TB and the file will be divided into several parts. With this Outlook PST splitter tool, you can break an unlimited number of PST files without losing any information.

Divide by Date

Divide Large PST File by Date Range

Users can split oversized PST files with a date range filter. You can choose a specific date by simply entering the given columns and the tool will split large PST file by date filter. This way, the user can get more precision when splitting PST files.

Break PST by Folder

Break PST File by Folder

This option will create multiple PST files for each folder or individual PST files for all selected folders. The Outlook PST split tool breaks Outlook data file by folder and splits each folder according to the size specified by the user. For example Inbox.pst, Outlook.pst, Contacts.pst, etc.

Split PST by Year

Split PST File by Year

Choose divide by year option in order to split large PST file into smaller parts according to year or years. One can create various PST files for each year separately. For instance if you choose year from 2010 to 2015 then the Outlook PST Splitter tool will generate 6 separate PST files.

Cut by Email ID

Cut Outlook PST by Email ID

User can create new PST file by choosing some selected email IDs with this Outlook PST split tool. So the user has a separate PST file that contains emails of these specific email ids like From, To, Cc or Bcc. You can split PST file by providing a CSV file with multiple email IDs.

Split PST by Category

Division of PST by Category

This is another feature to add some refinement when splitting PST files. The Outlook PST splitter tool offers different categories like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and Journal. Select the category you want by simply ticking the tags in the categories.

Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

The Outlook Split PST tool is designed to be easy to use for non-techy users. It has an simple and friendly interface that is useful for all types of users. No technical knowledge is required to run this tool. It offers a self-explanatory procedure that does not require any outside help.

Split PST Folder

Split Single / Multiple PST Folder

This Outlook PST file splitter software can easily handle the bulk and single PST files. Users only need to exclude and include the PST files folder to split. Additionally, the wizard is capable enough to break ANSI as well UNICODE file into multiple small parts by size, date, folder, email id, category, or year.

Break Corrupt PST

Break Corrupt & Protected File

The Outlook Split PST tool is powerful enough to split both healthy and damaged files without losing any data. It can easily divide password protected Outlook PST files by simply entering the valid password. The utility can also break the huge Outlook big data file within a minute.

Split PST File without Outlook

Split PST File Without Outlook

SYSDaddy Outlook PST File Splitter is a standalone application that can split large PST files without installing an Outlook application. After breaking an oversized file into smaller pieces, the user can save the resulting files to the desired location on the system. The resulting data files can easily be imported into Outlook anytime.

SYSDaddy Outlook PST Splitter Tool – Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Launch Outlook Split PST Tool

    Add PST Files or Folder into software panel.

  • Step 2
    Choose Email Format

    Choose Split PST File By Size, Category, Date, Year, Email Id, or Folder.

  • Step 3
    Split Successfully

    Hit Next and splitting PST process will start immediately.

Outlook PST Splitter Tool
Outlook Split PST Tool
Choose Option
Split Large PST File
What Clients Say about SYSDaddy Outlook PST Split Software

Honestly!! This is one of the best way to split PST files into smaller ones. This ingenious solution makes splitting PST files a breeze. I split an Outlook PST file into two parts. The user interface is really simple and intuitive to use. Thanks for your great tool.

Outlook PST Splitter Tool Review

Sayed Ibrahim

Having bad experiences with other paid solutions, I also had no confidence in Split PST. But my friend suggested this solution to me. The SysDaddy PST splitter tool pleasantly surprised me with its excellent speed and precise splitting functions. Exactly the kind of tool I've been looking for.

Outlook Split PST Tool User

Micheal Stokes

Outlook PST Split Review Review Outlook PST Splitter Tool
There are no manual ways for shrinking a PST file without installing Microsoft Outlook. You can go with the Outlook PST Split tool by which you can easily split oversized PST file into smaller pieces.
This software can split large PST files ranging in size from 1 MB to 1TB. So users won’t face issues with the PST file size.
Yes, with this tool it is possible to break PST file of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and other versions.
Yes, The PST file splitter tool supports dividing healthy as well as corrupted PST file. Along with, it breaks both ANSI and UNICODE type PST file.
Well, to fix Outlook PST file size not reducing after deleting emails error, you can split your large PST file into small parts. You can use the Split PST Tool to do this as there is no direct method in Outlook to split oversized PST files.

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