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Move Google Doc to Google Drive Folder – Two Solutions

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There are different solutions you will find to move Google Doc to Google Drive folder. Many of you out there know that there is a 15GB of free storage space provided in Google Drive to upload files from your computer. By default, you can store two types of files on Google Drive:

  1. Editable Files – The files which you can edit like PDFs, Docs, other text-based files, etc.
  2. Un-editable Files – The files that you can not edit like music, videos, compressed files (.zip files), and many others.

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Techniques to Move Google Doc to Google Drive

There are two solutions that we will be discussing in the blog today. These are-

  1. Manual Method
  2. Expert Recommended Method

Now, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into the manual method.

Move Google Doc to Google Drive Folder Manually

There are two case scenarios to upload Google doc that you can use manually-

Case 1- Transfer Google Doc to Same G Drive Folder

You can upload Google Doc from one G Drive folder to another folder by following the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, go to Google Drive and choose the file they want to move
  2. Then, right-click on the selected file
  3. lastly, click on the Move option.

Case 2- Move Google Doc from One G Drive folder to Another G Drive folder

Follow the steps as given below to transfer Google doc to Google Drive folder:

  1. First of all, you have to select the file you want to move and download it
  2. Then, go to your Google Drive and choose the New button
  3. li>Afterwards, hit the File Upload option
  4. Navigate to the file you want to upload and select it. Then after, click on the Open button.
  5. file-location-upload
  6. After that, you will see that you have moved Google Doc to Google Drive folder.  

Note: Some of you may be able to upload files by clicking and dragging a file from your computer to G Drive depending on your web browser and OS.


The manual method to transfer Google doc to Google Drive folder is a bit time-consuming process. Sometimes, you may also not be able to move the docs without any data loss or any modifications being made to the docs. Also, you can not transfer a large-size file/folder easily and most of the time the docs file loses its data.

Hence, you should not go for the manual method due to such limitations for uploading a Google Doc to Google Drive Folder. But now you will be worried now, but don’t fret. We have got you covered. Well, there is another solution that you can use. It is an automated solution that is quite useful software. Now, let us move to the automated solution.

Transfer Google Doc to Google Drive Using Expert Solution

Using the expert solution, you can be stress-free as no data will be lost or modified during the migration process. Moreover, you can choose to migrate one or multiple file(s) or folder(s) using the SYSDaddy Migrator tool. It is a secure way to move Google Doc to Google Drive Folder with ease. The tool can migrate your mailbox from one G Drive to another.

The various features that the tool provides are mentioned in the next section. Download the utility from the buttons given below and give it a try to know the working of the tool.

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Special Benefits Of The Utility

  1. Re-Run Migration: Here you get 3 modes to start the migration process again. Choose Retry Failed Items to migrate failed or skipped items from the previous migration process. Go for Re-Run Full Migration to run the entire migration process again.
  2. Date-Range Filter: You can use this filter to move Google Doc to Google Drive folder from a particular time period.
  3. Concurrent Migration: Furthermore, you can enable this option in the Advanced Settings to migrate multiple accounts docs in batch mode at a time.
  4. Deleted Items Migration: Moreover, if you want to upload Google doc file that may have been deleted and moved to the trash folder, this tool can still find the doc and move it to the folder in G Drive.
  5. Folder Hierarchy: Here, the structure of your folder or file is maintained by this software after uploading Google Doc to G Drive folder.
  6. Pause/Resume: Moreover, you can pause or resume the migration process if the process has been interrupted due to power failure or losing internet connectivity.

Pre-Requisites for Moving Google Doc to G Drive Using Tool

There are certain pre-requisites that you should fulfill before migrating data. These are as follows:

  • You must first create a destination user account at the destination admin account.
  • Then, create Google Console Project, Enable API, and Add Scopes.

Steps to Transfer Google Doc to Google Drive Folder

First and foremost, download the software on your computer. Then, run and the tool and follow the steps below to start the migration process-

  1. If it is not activated, hit the Activate button on the bottom left corner of the window. Go to the Setup tab and choose the Source as G Suite and Destination as G Suite.
  2. software-interface
  3. Choose the Document and apply date filters
  4. workload-screen

    Note: Enable the radio buttons next to “Migrate document permissions” and “Use Group Mapping”.

  5. After that, in the Destination Window, enter the Admin Email ID, Service Account ID, and Certificate File. Click on Validate and hit Next
  6. provide-destination-to-Move-Google-Doc-to-Google-Drive

    Note: Choose the fetching process by selecting either of the two options: “Fetch Users” and “Import Users”. We are showing for “Fetch Users”.

  7. To fetch the data automatically, click on theFetch Users option and hit the Continue button
  8. upload-Goolge-Doc-to-Google-drive
  9. Once the fetching process has completed, enter the Destination Email. Finally, hit the Start Migration button to transfer Google Doc to G Drive folder.
Move Google Doc to Google Drive

On top of that, you will get an option to stop the migration process by choosing the Stop Migration button. After the completion of the migration process, you can also generate reports of the migrated files by choosing either of the options-

  • Summary Report: To generate the summary report of the migrated files.
  • Detailed Report: To generate the detailed report of each file migrated in .csv format.

Furthermore, the tool also provides you an option to select priorities by marking the Priorities checkbox and enable the Show Selected Users to view the selected ones.

This is how you can move Google Doc to Google Drive Folder using the automated and expert solution.

Wrapping Up

if you are finding the best solution to transfer Google Doc to G Drive folder then this tutorial is helpful for you. Because, in this guide, we have described two ways for the query. The manual method which has mentioned above has some limitations along with it because of it you might face bugs. Hence, the automated SYSDaddy Software is the best solution that you can use.

Moreover, the tool has no such limitations as the manual method and doesn’t lose your crucial data. Since the data is important to you, it is recommended you to use this software to be stress-free and focus on your work more effectively. It is compatible with multiple operating systems.

Have Doubts? See Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I want to transfer my entire Google Doc to Google Drive. Will I be able to do this with this mentioned tool?

Yes, of course, through this tool you can upload the entire Google doc to G Drive easily.

Q- Is this application compatible with Windows 11?

Certainly yes, this application is compatible with Windows 11 and all other earlier versions of Windows.

Q- My Google docs data file has many important information. My data will be safe or not while using this software?

While keeping in mind your important information, this software has been discovered. After completion of the process, your details will automatically be removed from the software.