Free EML Viewer

Size: 19 MB Version: 4.0

Thunderbird EML Viewer Tool

Independently Open And View EML Messages With Attachments

  • Standalone Thunderbird EML Viewer to Open and Read EML Emails
  • No Availability of Internet Connection is Required to View .eml Files
  • Intelligent Feature of Automatically Locating and Loading System Files
  • Switching Modes: Horizontal & Vertical, To View Emails Comfortably
  • Loads EML Messages with Attachments without Any Prerequisites
  • Supports EML File of All its Creating Email Apps like Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail

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Brief Features of Free Thunderbird EML Viewer

Open EML File on Windows

Freely Open & View EML Emails

Within no time, Thunderbird EML Viewer processes browsed files and loads message content on its preview panel. A standard format is used to display emails in this viewer to analyze them without any complications, and that too for free.

Load & View EML Files

Automatically Loads System Files

After the product installation, when customers launch EML reader tool on their PC, it automatically loads all files of respective machine. These system files are displayed on left-hand side of the screen. This feature provides ease in browsing source EML files.

Read EML File with Attachments

Analyze Emails With Attachments

Thunderbird EML viewer product generates preview of attachments for corresponding email in its in-built viewer. One can easily read EML messages with attachments of any file format like .ppt, .pdf, .png, .doc, .txt, .xlx, .docx, and many more.

Examine EML Header

Investigate EML Header Properties

The main purpose of programming this Gmail EML file viewer freeware is to help forensic investigators in collecting evidences from suspected .eml files. Header properties of each EML file is loaded in this software, which might help investigators in gathering evidences.

View EML File of Email Apps

Open EML File Of Several Email Apps

EML files created by Hotmail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and more, are easily supported in this freeware. Also, this EML file viewer supports files which are in the form ‘noname.eml’, which are usually received as attachments.

Switch Mode

Option to Switch Default Preview Mode

Horizontal mode is loaded at default stage when clients launch Thunderbird EML viewer on their machine. Users can switch this default mode to vertical mode to customize the software layout. This option helps end users to open and read EML messages comfortably.

Easy-to-use Interface

Easy-to-use Interface of EML Reader

A user-friendly interface will be encountered in Gmail EML reader, when clients will open it. Three simple steps – Select, Scan, and Preview, are required to load data of source files. This means that users only have to select source files from their end, rest all functions will be carried away by tool itself.

Screenshots – EML Reader Software

Client Reviews

Video – Thunderbird EML Viewer Software


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