Outlook Email Address Extractor

Extract email addresses from Outlook PST, OST, BAK, and MSG in various file formats.

  • Quickly Extract Outlook Email addresses in 5 plus file formats
  • Feature to Include & Exclude Outlook Email IDs of any specified domain
  • Capable of extracting IDs from corrupted Outlook PST / OST files
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides extraction of limited data only

Why Should Choose Outlook Email Address Extractor?

Manually retrieving Outlook email data takes a long time. Outlook PST Email Address Extractor is a quick tool to extract email addresses from PST, OST, BAK, and MSG files. It collects all needed Outlook email addresses and sender info from emails subject, sender, recipients, and mail body. It extracts the needed email address list from any mail folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Draft, Deleted Items, and user folders) in Microsoft Outlook from any specified mail accounts. The software provides several choices for extracting only the needed email address. So user can have a database of extracted emails on his local machine. It is a completely safe and secured tool. You won’t face any information loss using it.

Key Features of Outlook Email Address Extractor Tool

Extract Email Addresses from PST

Extract Email Addresses from PST File

If you have one or more Outlook PST files. Within minutes, you'll be able to extract every email address from that PST file. You just add the folder containing several PST files. With the help of this PST Email Address Extraction Tool, you can save those addresses from Outlook. It also has a search function that can add Outlook PST files to the program panel automatically.

Extract OST Email Addresses

Extract OST Email Addresses

This program also works with Outlook OST files, in addition to PST files. Simply insert an OST file into the application to get email addresses from Outlook. Users can simply extract Email addresses from OST files by employing this software. It's as simple as adding or searching for OST files, and the software will export them from your OST file without any data loss, in a hassle-free way.

BAK Email Addresses Extraction

Download Email Addresses from BAK File

This Outlook Email Address Extractor wizard allows you to export email addresses from Outlook's backup file (BAK). The application retrieves all the Email IDs from the downloaded Outlook BAK file in three distinct file formats. It guarantees no alternation of data so user gets the original files after IDs extraction.

Export Email Address from Outlook MSG Files

Export Email Address from Outlook MSG Files

This application allows you to retrieve email addresses from MSG files in Outlook. To extract email addresses from Outlook different versions, use the MSG radio option and add the MSG files or folder. If you accidentally uploaded the wrong file, simply click the delete button to remove it from the application panel.

Configured Profiles

Find Email Address from Configured Profiles

This Outlook Email Address Extractor has a "Default Storage" option in addition to Outlook PST and OST. Assists in the extraction of email addresses from all Outlook profiles configured on your computer. Simply choose the Default Storage radio option, and it will display all the files associated with the specified Outlook profile.

Different Exporting Options

Different Exporting Options

This Outlook PST Email Addresses Extractor is sophisticated software that offers six distinct options for extracting ID from Outlook. Email ID Extraction Process can be completed in a matter of minutes by choosing the appropriate choice. The tool is capable of ensuring data integrity.

Diverse Filter Options

Diverse Filter Options

There are several filtering options available with the Outlook Email Address Extractor program. The predefined naming convention allows you to choose the properties from "From", "To", "Cc", and "Bcc" and the software will only extract IDs that fall within the option provided. Date Filter allows you to input a date range to retrieve the email address for that time.

Include / Exclude Outlook Email Address

Include / Exclude Outlook Email Address

To exclude or include domain names, users can select the appropriate option in the tool. Hence, users can easily remove or include the specified domain name Email address. These email addresses can be excluded: www, root, mailer, daemon, donotreply, and robot It gives users the choice to include or exclude an email address if the subject includes a certain phrase.

SYSDaddy PST Email Address Extractor - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Install Outlook Email Address Extractor

    Add Outlook data files for extraction.

  • Step 2
    Choose Format

    Select Export type to extract email addresses from Outlook.

  • Step 3
    Extract Successfully

    Apply filters and click on Extract to start the process.

Outlook Email Address Extractor
PST Email Address Extractor
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Extract Email Addresses from Outlook
What Clients Say about Outlook Email Address Extractor Wizard

"I didn't realize my OST files were corrupted until I attempted to extract email addresses from them. I looked for several solutions, but none of them worked for me. I was about to give up when I found this Outlook PST Email Address Extractor Tool, which also works with corrupted & damaged OST and PST files. My task was made incredibly simple, and I was able to get all the email addresses I needed in a matter of minutes. The most useful and well-known tool I've ever used."

Outlook Email Address Extractor Review

Mark Norton

'Email Address Extraction' is an exhausting experience. I never imagined I'd be that irritated or bothered by my emails. But then, when looking for quick methods to extract email addresses from PST, I came across this Outlook Email Address Extractor, which had some extremely appealing features, so I had to use it. Thank you for creating such a great application. All of my email addresses were retrieved in a short time."

PST Email Address Extractor

Isabella Abraham

Outlook Email Address Extractor Review Review PST Email Address Extractor
Yes, The program has a Date-Range filter that allows you to choose the start and end dates for the period, emails within are extracted.
The total time required to extract email addresses from Outlook is completely determined by the quantity of PST / OST / MSG / BAK files and their size. Machine setup is sometimes a factor in estimating overall time consumption to retrieve Outlook email addresses.
The PST Email Address Extractor Utility exports data in vCard versions v2.1, v3.0, and the most recent version v4.0.
Yes, the program is compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Windows 10, 8, 7 and other previous versions to extract email addresses from PST file.

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