OLM Splitter Wizard

Use Effective Tool to split OLM file into small parts and make large-sized files manageable.

  • Divide OLM file sized more than 20 GB in a single go
  • Break OLM file by folder, email ID, size into smaller pieces
  • Outlook Installation Not Required for splitting large files
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides splitting of limited data only

Why Should Choose SYSDaddy OLM Splitter Wizard?

This OLM Split Tool is a quick and authentic solution that effectively split OLM file into numerous small ones in a matter of seconds. Users should not be concerned about data loss, because software guarantees that all metadata characteristics of the files are preserved in their original format. The application provides a variety of feature-rich choices, including size, email ID, and folder. Splitting OLM File by Size will break OLM file from 100 MB to 20 GB. Divide Excessive OLM Files by Email ID to segment OLM files by From, To, Cc, and Bcc email IDs. It is a completely safe and secure solution because of its offline functionng and assurance.

Noteable Features of OLM file Splitter Tool

Divide Large OLM Files

Divide Excessively Large OLM Files

With this OLM splitter wizard, users can quickly divide OLM files larger than 20 GB in size into smaller ones. The software allows users to break OLM files by specifying the precise size. Break an enormous OLM file into individual OLM data objects such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes.

Split OLM file by Size

Split OLM file by Size

The software has a function called 'Split by Size' that allows you to divide a huge OLM file into several files of specified size. This option protects the Mac Outlook file against corruption caused by a large OLM file. Users can choose a file size between 100 MB and 20 GB based on their needs. Then, the software partitions the OLM file into multiple sections.

Divide According to Date

Divide Mac Outlook File by Date

With this option, two distinct OLM files are generated, one with the data before the specified date and another with the data after the specified time period. However, "Split OLM file by Date range" enables you to choose the dates for the "From" and "To" fields. And the OLM file will be generated with the email data that falls within the specified period of time.

Split OLM file by Folder

Cut Outlook for Mac file by Folder

Divide by folder is another sophisticated option offered by OLM splitter. This option divides the data of the OLM mailbox, including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and journals. You can choose either "Divide All Folders" or "Divide Selected Folder (s)" accordingly. By selecting the appropriate settings from the software panel, one can divide a whole folder or a subfolder.

Break OLM file by Email ID

Break OLM file by Email ID

Another great feature of OLM file splitter is the ability to split OLM file by email IDs. Simply provide the email ID that will be used to divide Outlook for Mac data file. After that, choose the appropriate parts, e.g., From, To, Cc, Bcc. Then, the OLM file containing the email messages associated with the chosen category will be generated.

Break Archive Files

Break Archive Files Efficiently

This amazing Outlook Mac OLM splitter wizard is embedded with sophisticated algorithms. It can perfectly divide OLM files (archives) into small parts. Regardless of whether the file was produced in Outlook 2019, 2016, or 2011, the utility is capable of breaking OLM files using the software panel's many divide choices.

Save OLM to Specified Location

Save OLM to Specified Location

The Mac OLM split tool has an enhanced option for saving newly generated OLM files. Just select the option "Create New Folder” to use this feature. In this way, users are not required to save the split OLM file in an existing folder. Instead, they can save it in a new folder by choosing the option from the tool's user interface.

Maintain metadata of Emails

Maintain Metadata of Emails

OLM file Splitter is designed and developed by considering the needs of all users in mind. Henceforth, it guarantees that the read/unread state of email messages is preserved in the resulting OLM file, consistent with the source file. Users do not need to be concerned about data inconsistency when they use this error-free OLM splitter.

Preserve Data Integrity Wisely

Preserve Data Integrity Wisely

The software divides OLM files according to their size, email ID, and folder. Additionally, the tool has well-maintained functionality to retain the source and resulting OLM files' originality. By using this risk-free application, there is no need to be concerned about data loss or improper data formatting.

Create Report

Create a Comprehensive Report

After dividing an enormous OLM file, the solution automatically saves the log report in CSV format to the specified place. The report contains information about the split large OLM file, such as the folder location, folder name, and fail count. Thus, users get complete information after conversion.

SYSDaddy OLM Split Wizard - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Run OLM Splitter Tool

    Browse and Add OLM file into panel.

  • Step 2
    Choose Split Option

    Choose Split OLM file by Size, Email Id & Folder.

  • Step 3
    Divide Successfully

    Hit the Split button to break OLM file into small parts.

OLM Splitter
OLM File Splitter
Divide OLM file by Size
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What Clients Say about SYSDaddy OLM Splitter

"I archived many OLM files that were large and made Outlook functioning hard. Soon thereafter, I learned about this amazing piece of software. This tool has assisted me in breaking the archived OLM file into smaller pieces and re-importing it into the Outlook profile without causing any data loss. Kudos to the team for designing such an excellent software."

User Review OLM Splitter

Daniel, Sydney

OLM splitter wizard has helped me out to split OLM file into small parts! It is an amazing software that allows me to divide a large Mac Outlook OLM file in a matter of minutes. It fixed an issue that no other automated technology could have done. Additionally, the solution is equipped with a variety of capabilities that allowed me to quickly break OLM file into smaller file size.

OLM Split Tool User

Fernando, Switzerland

OLM Splitter Review OLM File Splitter
The overall time required by the OLM file splitter is dependent on the file's size. However, the software takes the least amount of time to split OLM file to the desired size.
No, OLM Split Tool is a stand-alone solution and does not need an internet connection to divide OLM file. It performs the conversion process in offline mode which makes it a completely safe and secure solution.
Yes, the software is capable to break OLM files created on Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10, as well as all previous versions.
No, it is an independent solution that provides support to split OLM files without Outlook installation or other application.

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