Maildir to PST Converter

Convert Maildir files to PST format in a bulk mode without any alteration to source files.

  • Mass export of mailbox files & folders by customizing data accordingly
  • Seamless conversion with embedded attachments into PST data file
  • Refine data using the date filter option by maintaining data integrity
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides conversion of limited data only

Why Choose SYSDaddy Maildir to PST Converter Tool?

SYSDaddy offers the highly intelligent and sophisticated utility that enables users to convert individual as well as large Maildir folders and their sub-folders to PST file. This fantastic tool was created with the user's needs in mind. That is why it is compatible with every Windows user operating Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others. The Maildir File to PST Converter Software is programmed with a sophisticated conversion algorithm and a simple user interface in observance. So, it has been made simple for even non-technical users to export their data. Additionally, it converts mailboxes from Maidir / Maildir++ to PST file. It functions in offline mode so there is no chance of data saving on any server other than users’ local device.

Advanced Features of Maildir to PST Converter

Bulk Export Maildir Files to PST

Bulk Export Maildir Files to PST

Users can mass convert Maildir & Maildir++ data files to PST format using the Maildir file to PST converter software. The tool supports Postfix, Dovecote, Matt, and Linux-based email applications. Users can import emails containing images, files, and docs into Outlook after conversion. Additionally, this application enables mass file conversion from Maildir to PST file format. This allows users to convert several files simultaneously and save time.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options for Conversion

Users can convert Maildir to PST file format in bulk using this software. At the moment of Maildir File to PST conversion, the software provides the following options:

  • Date Filtering: Save only selected emails from Maildir to PST depending on the To-to-From range of the messages.
  • Naming conventions: Provide a variety of file renaming choices are available for saving the resulting PST files.
Ensure Integrity Of Data

Ensures The Integrity Of Data

Every business or user's first concern is data security. That’s why Maildir to PST converter wizard ensures that the folder structure is preserved throughout the Maildir conversion process. It preserves data integrity as well as all header, cc, bcc, and formatting information; the resulting PST file maintains the original attachments. The user can see their Outlook profile's original info without any alteration.

Option to Export Selected

Option to Export Selected

The Maildir file to PST conversion software is capable of archiving emails and their attachments from all subdirectories such as cur, tmp, and new. Users can tick the checkboxes of any folders/emails they intend to save in the resulting file format and click the Export Selected button from the preview pane. It exports chosen files to the user-specified file format without regard for file size limitations.

Preview in Multiple Modes

Preview in Multiple Modes

Before completing the conversion, the Maildir to PST Converter application generates a preview of Maildir data in various preview modes. It supports a variety of preview modes, including Normal, Hex, MIME, RTF, Message Header, and Properties.

Operates on the Windows OS

Operates on the Windows Operating System

The wizard is compatible with all Windows editions, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and previous versions. Maildir can be imported into Outlook in all versions of the Windows operating system. Therefore, regardless of Windows OS, you are running you can easily operate this tool on your system.

Maildir file to PST Converter - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Launch Maildir to PST Converter

    Select Maildir Folder to convert.

  • Step 2
    Preview Data

    Preview Data in Multiple Modes

  • Step 3
    Export Successfully

    Select PST as saving format and click Export.

Maildir to PST Converter
Maildir file to PST Converter
Preview Data
Convert Maildir to PST
What Clients Say about Maildir to PST Converter Wizard

“The Maildir file to PST Converter is an amazing tool. For the first time, I used it and got excellent results. The easiest way to get my Mail directory data files and folders into PST format is by using this software. It's been a lifesaver for me so far, and I have no hesitation in recommending it in the future.”

Maildir to PST Converter Review

Rachel, France

“This is the best software to convert Maildir to PST, which locates all of your Maildir files for you and gives you File Naming Options that helped me in managing my database. The interface is straightforward to use.”

Convert Maildir to PST Review

Brendon, London

Maildir to PST Converter Review Review Convert Maildir files to PST
Yes, this software is also known as the Dovecot Maildir migration tool that enables you to export Dovecot Server's Maildir files.
No, this Maildir to PST converter application does not support Mac operating systems; it is only compatible with Windows-based operating systems.
Yes, the software is compatible with all Windows versions, including Windows 10. You must first download and install the tool to convert Maildir to PST, and then import the PST file into the Outlook Email Client..
This conversion tool is an excellent option for meeting your organization's data management requirements. Using batch mode, users can convert an infinite number of data files from Maildir into PST simultaneously.

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