LDIF Converter Wizard

Advanced tool to convert LDIF / LDAP / LDF Files to 4 Different File Types without missing any information.

  • Export Selective and Multiple LDF Contacts in Single Go
  • Preserve Folder Structure as Original even after conversion
  • Convert Complete LDIF Address Book on all Windows versions
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides conversion of limited data only

Why Should Choose SYSDaddy LDIF Converter Wizard?

Although there are several software available to convert LDIF files to other file formats. But SYSDaddy LDIF file converter application has an advanced set of features that allows users to effortlessly convert numerous LDIF contacts into a variety of file formats. Furthermore, the program guarantees that the LDIF file folder structure is always preserved. It ensures that LDIF data is completely safe and secure. So, users don’t have to worry about data integrity and protection. This tool has a strong algorithm that delivers an exceptional outcome.

Highlighted Features of LDIF File Converter Tool

Convert LDIF Files in Bulk

Multiple LDIF Files Conversion

Users can use the LDIF Converter Wizard to export numerous contacts files into preferred format. Furthermore, this utility allows you to combine all of your LDIF contacts files into a single folder, and you can simply choose the folder from the software to convert numerous LDIF files to the desire format.

Display LDIF Contacts Attributes

Display LDIF Contacts Attributes

After you've loaded the contacts file into the LDIF file Converter Tool. The utility begins scanning the files immediately and generates an instant preview choice. A user can preview the message in both horizontal and vertical viewing modes. Moreover, before the exporting procedure, this software displays each newly added contact with its appropriate attributes.

Export LDIF File

Export LDIF to CSV File Format

Users who desire to export LDIF files into CSV file format can utilize LDIF conversion software. The export function of the LDIF Converter Tool allows you to quickly export any number of contacts files into Excel file format. If you are running Windows without an LDAP directory, it will transfer your data without missing any information.

Convert LDIF Files

Convert LDIF to Outlook File

One of the most notable characteristics of the LDIF Converter wizard is its ability to export LDIF file to Outlook data file. Users can convert numerous contacts from LDIF by using a simple and easy user interface. The utility guarantees that the file's Meta characteristics are always preserved.

Export LDIF Contacts

Export LDIF to vCard

The fully secure and safe application for exporting the whole LDIF address book contacts to the VCF file format. The LDIF Conversion Tool is built in such a way that no data or contact attribute loss occurs during the whole LDIF address book to vCard conversion procedure.

Convert LDIF Contacts

Export LDIF to Portable Documeent Format

This LDIF Exporter Software efficiently converts LDIF files to Adobe PDF file format. So, every user can share their LDIF file with anyone. To convert LDIF contacts to portable document format, users just open the software on their machine and pick the desire format option from the Export menu.

SYSDaddy LDIF File Converter - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Launch LDIF Converter Wizard

    Go to Add file to load file to export.

  • Step 2
    Preview and Export

    Preview and Convert only selected LDIF file.

  • Step 3
    Export Successfully

    Finally, click Export to begin conversion.

LDIF Converter Wizard
LDIF File Converter
Preview and Export
Convert LDIF Files
What Clients Say about SYSDaddy LDIF Conversion Tool

The LDIF Converter Software was helpful in converting all of my LDIF contact files. I'm able to utilize all of my contacts on my phone. What I like most about this tool is that it converted all of my contacts in their original format without any hassle or effort.

LDIF File Converter Review

Lina, Vietnam

LDIF File Converter Tool is one of the most amazing tools available. The best and most accurate tool for users who wish to convert LDIF address book to another file format. My 1000+ LDIF contacts were effortlessly converted in a matter of minutes, with zero data loss.

User Review LDIF Converter Wizard

Timothy Jackson

LDIF Converter Review Review LDIF File Converter Software
No, there are no file size restrictions when converting LDIF contact file.
No, there are no prerequisites for its functionality. It does not rely on any email application to conduct data conversion. The software just needs LDIF files to start the process.
Yes, the LDF Converter Wizard is powerful enough that allows you to export multiple LDIF files in a single time.
No, It's not Mac software; it's Windows based tool. Therefore, the LDIF conversion can only be performed on Windows computers.

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