DBX to MBOX Converter

Export the entire Outlook Express DBX mailbox to MBOX file format without losing any data.

  • Bulk export of DBX files to MBOX format at one time
  • Maintains original structure of all Outlook Express DBX files
  • Compatibility with all advanced Windows Operating System versions
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides conversion of limited data only

Why Choose SYSDaddy DBX to MBOX Converter Tool?

The user can export an unlimited number of DBX files simultaneously with this DBX file to MBOX converter tool. The software transforms multiple DBX files to MBOX format securely in a single operation. The DBX to Thunderbird converter tool provides ability to export DBX files along with their email attachments, keeping all attachments in their original format. After conversion, you can save MBOX file by renaming it and storing it at the desired location. While converting DBX files to MBOX, it does not affect the internal structure. The tool guarantees that it will not alter the on-disk folder structure during the conversion process. The software converts all metadata associated with Outlook Express DBX files, including To, From, Cc, Bcc, date and time, and read / unread status. No extra software is required to export DBX to MBOX file format. It is a stand-alone tool that securely tranfer Outlook Express files without the need to install any other software.

Prime Features of Outlook Express to MBOX Converter

Securely Convert DBX to MBOX

Securely Convert DBX to MBOX File

Export Outlook Express DBX file to MBOX format using this amazing conversion tool. The software securely transfer DBX files to MBOX that supported by multiple email clients. After conversion, you can import the exported MBOX file into Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, SeaMonkey, Pocomail, Postbox, etc.

Preserve Disk Structure

Preserve Disk Structure

This DBX to MBOX Converter software was programmed to avoid any kind of alter the hierarchical folder structure of your DBX files. During the exporting, the folders are restored in the exact same structure as the original. So users can easily manage the converted files.

Bulk Export

Conversion of DBX Files in Bulk

This Outlook Express to MBOX software facilitates the conversion of DBX files to MBOX files in bulk. Users can select as many data files as they want and have them exported to the MBOX file format simultaneously. They can do this by adding a folder containing many DBX files.

Export DBX to MBOX with Attachments

Export DBX to MBOX with Attachments

The tool enable you ro convert DBX file to MBOX along with all attachments. Even after conversion, all DBX email-associated attachments are preserved exactly as they were in the original emails. All of these attachments remain unaltered or undamaged. This simplifies the process for users since they do not need to utilize another program to complete the conversion.

DBX to Entourage Migration

DBX to Entourage Migration

The DBX to MBOX converter application enables users to quickly convert Outlook Express data to the MBOX format. After users have converted .dbx files to the .mbox file format, they can simply import them into Entourage and view their DBX data on the platform.

Retain Meta-properties

Retain Meta-properties

Outlook Express to MBOX converter ensures that the Meta-Data is accurately preserved when exporting DBX files to MBOX. Thus, users' emails would be converted with all Meta properties preserved such as - To, Cc, Bcc, read / unread status of emails, etc.

DBX File to MBOX Converter - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Run DBX to MBOX Converter

    Select and add DBX file to export.

  • Step 2
    Preview Mail

    Preview emails in different modes.

  • Step 3
    Convert Successfully

    Choose MBOX format and hit Export to convert DBX to MBOX.

DBX to MBOX Converter
DBX File to MBOX Converter
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What Clients Say about DBX to MBOX Converter

I was irritated with Outlook Express's outdated user interface. Since then, I've been considering making the switch from Outlook Express to Apple Mail. It took two weeks of in-depth search and finding to best alternative and DBX to Mac Mail converter is the ideal option. I used the solution to accomplish my objective. I am now very satisfied with its user interface.

DBX to MBOX Converter Review

Henry, USA

I want to convert my DBX files to a different file format to avoid data loss. Because MBOX is a format that is supported by a wide variety of email clients, I selected it for conversion. Therefore, I sought to discover a tool capable of effectively doing this job. Finally, I came upon a DBX to MBOX converter that I believe really works well.

Convert DBX to MBOX

Davidson, USA

DBX to MBOX Converter Review Review Outlook Express to MBOX Converter
Yes, users can convert numerous DBX files simultaneously to the MBOX file format. Each DBX file will be assigned a unique file / folder by the software.
No, you won’t face any file size restrictions for Outlook Express to MBOX conversion.
Yes, the DBX to PST Converter software is intended to be compatible with all Windows-based operating systems including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others.
Yes, the Outlook Express to MBOX converter includes a free demo that enables you to get a thorough knowledge of the application's operation and features.

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