Amazon WorkMail Backup

Backup AWS WorkMail Emails to Multiple Popular File Formats with 100% Accuracy.

  • Provide Selective Archive Email Folder Backup to local machine
  • Incremental Amazon WorkMail backup feature for downloading data items
  • Option to Pause & Resume AWS WorkMail backup as needed
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides backup of limited data only

Why Should Choose SYSDaddy Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool?

If you are looking to save the entire Workmail mailbox then AWS Email Backup wizard is the best choice. This single utility is enough to download emails to various file formats that supported by popular email clients. Also, you can save server storage space if you select the delete after download option. You don’t have to be concern about the data integrity because its strong algorithm is designed to keep the originality intact. Users will not face number and file size restriction issues. Because it is designed to archive the bulk amount of AWS data files. AWS Backup process won’t hinder even in the absence of the internet because it provides a Pause and Resume option to carry on the process. It is 100% safe and secure solution that does not save any credentials and content of the mailbox. No data is saved is anywhere but your local machine.

Prime Features of AWS Email Backup Wizard

Backup Amazon WorkMail Mailbox

Backup Amazon WorkMail Mailbox

Download and save backup copies of your Amazon WorkMail emails into different types of file formats using Amazon WorkMail backup Tool. You can archive the entire mailbox direct to your local machine regardless of size. Later access the resultant files to the respective email client without any issue. Simply enter the valid credentials (disable the multi-factor authentication) and perform the backup effortlessly.

Several File Formats

Multiple File formats to save Emails

You can easily download Amazon WorkMail emails into various file formats. It facilitates not only backup but exporting of data to different email clients whenever you want. Check them here.

  • MBOX: Default file format for Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • MSG: Hold Single email content in Microsoft Outlook.
  • PST: Default functional file format in all Outlook versions.
  • EML: Compatible format in Mac Mail, Outlook Express, and many more.
  • PDF: Easily share and display on Windows and Mac Operating System.
Delete After Download

Delete after Download

Once the backup AWS WorkMail process is complete, you can simply use the “Delete after download” option. Using this option users can increase their storage space by deleting the already downloaded files. This option is beneficial to erase the chosen data files from the server along with the downloading of WorkMail backup.

Date Filter

Provide Date Filter to Archive Data

Date Filter is a feature of the Amazon WorkMail Backup wizard that allows users to archive their emails based on the date. Filtering by date range is as simple as selecting a date range between the "FROM" and "TO" columns. Also, this solution provides a "Pause & Resume" function if the backup process has been interrupted due to the internet.

Prevents Data Loss & Threat

Prevents Data Loss & Threat

There are several advanced algorithms built into the AWS WorkMail Backup Software to prevent data loss. Mail characteristics and attachments can be maintained intact. Therefore, users will never have to worry about losing data when downloading files using this software application. Further, it has the same folder structure as the original.

Selective Backup

Download Selective Email

The AWS Email Backup tool has a "Select Folder" option, which lets a user choose from a list of mail folders established within the user's AWS WorkMail account. A user can save time by downloading only the files they wish to archive, and then archiving them according to their preferences.

Maintains Folder Structure

Maintains Folder Structure

The Amazon WorkMail Backup wizard is particularly designed to preserve the original folder structure. The email folders and sub-folder hierarchy will stay unchanged throughout. Moreover, this program is compatible with all editions of the Windows operating system to backup AWS WorkMail emails.

Absolute Safety & Security

Absolute Safety & Security

This AWS WorkMail tool is entirely safe, secure, and legitimate. It enhances the strong authentication function, which never stores your WorkMail credentials or any other information, and it does not save any of your WorkMail credentials.

SYSDaddy Amazon WorkMail Backup Software - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Run AWS Email Backup Tool

    Enter AWS Account Login Credentials.

  • Step 2
    Select Format

    Select Email Formats as per your needs.

  • Step 3
    Backup Successfully

    Choose AWS account email folders and click Start button.

Amazon WorkMail Backup
AWS Email Backup Software
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Backup Amazon WorkMail Emails
What Clients Say about SYSDaddy Amazon WorkMail Backup Software

I need to create a backup of my Amazon WorkMail inbox items. The task was undoubtedly one of the more challenging tasks with a high chance of data loss. However, this software provided the easiest option for downloading data from the server and saving it to the local disk. This product not only provides this but also a variety of handy organizational functions.

User Review AWS WorkMail Backup

Wads Garish

SYSDaddy is one of the greatest IT companies in the world, and I'm glad I found out about it. I must remark that the Amazon WorkMail Backup feature is another masterpiece created by the developing team. This utility simplifies the process of downloading or saving data from a server. Congratulations to the entire team.

Amazon WorkMail Backup User

Orlando, USA

AWS Backup Review Review AWS Email Backup Software
Yes, you can safely import emails from Workmail to your Gmail account without losing your attachments. Simply create backup Amazon WorkMail and then import your emails to your Gmail account.
WorkMail emails should be converted to PST file format. You get to access its emails in MS Outlook by importing the resultant file.
Yes, The AWS Email backup is determined by the size of your mailbox also on the internet connection speed.
No, you just need the valid credentials for your AWS WorkMail account. Then you can quickly access the application and backup Amazon WorkMail account data.

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