AOL Backup Wizard for Windows & Mac

Backup AOL emails to different ppular file format along with attachments in a trouble-free manner.

  • Delete Downloaded Emails option to Save Storage Space
  • Incremental Option to Avoid Repetition AOL Email Backup
  • Freedom to Create Backup from Single or Multiple Accounts
  • Support English, Chinese, Netherlands, Russian and other Language
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides backup of limited data only

Why Should Choose SYSDaddy AOL Backup Wizard?

SYSDaddy AOL Mail Backup software gives you peace of mind as it makes AOL email backups and rescues you in various problematic situations. You can make a copy of the deleted AOL mail data before deleting the account so that you have a copy when you need it. If you haven't used your AOL account in the last 180 days, consider using the AOL Archive Wizard to protect yourself from unexpected deactivations. Archive the messages as protection against data loss and sudden system failures. It provides complete security of the mailbox data. The user can import his backup data into another application if necessary.

Key Features of AOL Email Backup Software

Backup AOL Mailbox

Backup Entire AOL Mailbox

Backup AOL Email from one or more user accounts and save it to your hard drive. The AOL Backup wizard allows to create backup of all mailbox folders, including Inbox, Sent Items, Recycle Bin and other custom folders. This is a all-in-one backup solution for Mac & Windows OS.

Multiple Saving Formats

Multiple Saving Formats

The AOL Mail Backup tool provides support to archive AOL email folders in PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, and PDF file format. Hence, the wizard allows users to export emails in a variety of alternatives. This tool saves attachments in the desired format along with emails.

Delete After Download

Delete After Download Feature

Users can delete data from the AOL mail server once they save the mailbox data locally on their computer using AOL Backup wizard interface. To do so, the user must select the "Delete after download" option. This frees up space on the mail server. This is the application's best feature that liked by most of the users.

Selective Backup AOL Emails

Refine the Selective Emails

For the selective download of emails using AOL Mail Backup tool, there is Date range base filter is provided. Just provide a date range of "From" and "To" dates to refine the emails to download. Additionally, the solution allows the user to store AOL emails with attachments to a local storage device such as a hard disk or flash drive.

Incremental Backup Option

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The AOL account folder hierarchy will be maintained by the AOL Backup Wizard when downloading emails. When you view email folders, they appear in the folder structure like the AOL Mail account. The read and unread status of emails within each folder is also retained as soon as they are saved on the local hard drive.

Incremental Backup Option

Incremental Backup

There is a new feature in AOL email backup software that improves the user's ability to backup AOL email. It is possible to skip downloading previously downloaded AOL files by using the incremental backup option. Only the newer ones are saved in the destination. AOL Mail backup experience has been improved with this feature.

Data Intact

Keep AOL Backup Intact

Remarkable AOL backup tool assures that no email data is altered or skipped during the backup process. It Maintains email properties throughout the AOL email archiving process. Attachments to emails are included for the security and preservation of backup.

Pause and Resume

Manage Backup

A variety of options for managing backups are available in the tool's user interface. Backups can be paused and resumed at any time. If you are unable to continue the AOL email backup process due to some urgent work or lack of internet connection, you can click the Pause option. If you want to backup AOL emails again, click the Resume option. The AOL email archiving process starts where it left off.

SYSDaddy AOL Mail Backup Software - Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Run AOL Backup Wizard

    Enter AOL Mail Account Login Credentials.

  • Step 2
    Choose Desired File Type

    Choose file formats as per your needs.

  • Step 3
    Export Successfully

    Click on Start button to backup AOL emails.

AOL Backup Wizard
AOL Email Backup
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Backup AOL Emails
What Clients Say about SYSDaddy AOL Email Archive Software

For Mac users, AOL Mail Backup is a fantastic tool for backing up AOL mail into multiple formats. To be more specific, I use the Delete after Download option to delete all my mailbox directly from the AOL Webmail and then archive AOL emails to PC. This software does a great job of backing up AOL Email with attachments.

AOL Backup Wizard User Review

Jason Thomas, Denmark

I had an AOL account since high school and had thousands of emails on it. However, certain personal pictures in my email raised security concerns. So I decided to buy a backup solution to alleviate my fear for my privacy. Thanks to the AOL Backup developers!

Review AOL Email Backup

Morris Thomas, New York

AOL Backup Review Review AOL Mail Backup
Yes, attachments will be saved along with emails. No data is compromised and all attachments are saved as the original.
The AOL Mail backup does not impose such a restriction. The software supports the backup of an infinite amount of emails without fail.
There is a Delete after Download feature in the AOL Backup wizard that allows you to delete backed-up emails from your AOL profile after they have been downloaded. Therefore, confidential emails are no longer visible on the internet, preventing them from being abused in the event of a hacking incident.
Yes, SYSDaddy AOL Email backup software is able to archive AOL emails from single as well as multiple accounts.

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