EML Attachment Extractor

Powerful Utility to extract attachments from EML files in bulk on Mac & Windows.

  • Easy to use & friendly interface for smooth extraction
  • Extract EML / EMLX file attachments by specific date
  • Support to Export email attachments from selected or all folders
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides extraction of limited data only

Why Should Choose EML Attachment Extractor?

If you are looking to extract attachments from EML files so you can use and edit them accordingly. Then try this user-friendly EML file attachment extractor tool for bulk extraction. Insert numerous EML files & folders and extract embedded attachments in single command. It keeps the data integrity intact without missing a single bit. The software offers many exceptional features to customize the extraction process. Selective extraction, naming convention, date range filter, file type & size-based filter are advanced features with strong algorithms. So user can download only desired attachments. It is tried & tested by MVPs and approved. This software is an excellent choice for all EML-supported application users.

Key Features of EML Attachment Extractor Tool

Extract Attachments from EML

Extract Attachments from EML & EMLX files

Attachments such as PDF, DOC, ZIP, GIF, PNG, and others are simply extracted from EML and EMLX files using this tool. Users can effortlessly store the extracted associated files to any location of their choice without encountering any difficulties. There is no need to expert additional effort to extract attachments from emails. Furthermore, this software can quickly extract and store attachments to a folder without the use of any other tools.

Bulk Mode Attachment Extraction

Bulk Mode Attachment Extraction

Extraordinary EML attachment extractor tool offer Add file & Add Folder option. So user can add multiple EML files to the software panel and perform attachment extraction in single attempt. Users don’t have to perform the repetitive task to export their email attachments. It benefits user to save time and energy.

Date Filter

Extract EML Attachments via Date Filter

The standalone utility adds advance feature for selective email attachment extraction. The tool offers Date range extraction. So user can save the attachments of certain duration. Just enter the desired date to the “Start” & “End” date columns. All the attachments of the specified period will be saved to local drive.

Naming Convention Feature

Naming Convention Feature

This user-oriented EML attachment extractor tool provides two naming alternatives i.e. Attachment & Folder. Users can even go with predefined naming conventions of Subject, Date, to, and from. After using varieties of naming patterns, tool will save the file with unique name to the desired location.

Maintain Hierarchy

Maintain Hierarchy & Data Integrity

EMLX attachment Extractor preserves all the extracted attachment attributes. It maintains the meta-data properties of attachments. Assured no data manipulation or discrepancy after attachment download. Additionally, it offers whether user wants to maintain the hierarchical folder structure or not. If yes, exported attachments will carry the same folder structure as the source file.

Extract EML Attachment

Extract Attachment by File type & File Size

The versatile EML attachment extraction tool provides two choices to customize the extraction i.e. File Type & File Size. To avail File type user can simply check the box of the file types to include and exclude. Using File size users can download attachments from size 1KB to 100 MB. Both options will flex the customizable attachment extraction.

Windows & Mac Supportive

Available for both Windows & Mac OS

The noteworthy EMLX / EML attachment extractor is designed for both Windows and Mac OS. It supports and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and prior versions. For Mac it supports Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina), Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra), and previous editions. The extractor utility offers same functionality and features to both operating system.

User-oriented Interface

User-oriented Interface

Software interface is user-friendly. User can easily operate the entire software without any technical expertise. It showcases the self-explained steps. So user won’t face a single issue while extracting attachments. User can download selective attachments to the desired file location.

SYSDaddy EML Attachment Extractor Wizard- Working Steps
  • Step 1
    Install EML Attachment Extractor Tool

    Click on Add File or Add Folder to insert EML files.

  • Step 2
    Apply Filter

    Choose Naming Option and Apply Date Filter

  • Step 3
    Extract Successfully

    Hit on Extract to export attachments from EML file.

EML Attachment Extractor
EMLX Attachment Extractor
Date Filter
Extract Attachments from EML File
What Clients Say about EML Attachment Extractor Wizard

I had various EML files. I needed to download attachments from them. But opening & downloading each attachment was tiring job and definitely would consume plenty of hours. I was wondering if there is any solution available that can do this task for me. Surprisingly I found SYSDaddy EML attachment extractor. I tried demo version and after assurance of safety and security. I bought licensed version that extracted thousands of attachments using single command. I amazed by this tool. Definitely recommended.

EML Attachment Extractor Review

Nancy Thomas, USA

My organization receives thousands of emails daily. They handover me more than 500 emails and i want to extract attachment from EML files. I tried doing it in the usual manual way, but it was a boring and exhausting task. My friend told me to use SYSDaddy EML attachment extractor. And I am so pleased with the tool, that it downloaded every single attachment of my need in its original form. Thanks a ton for creating this tool.

User EMLX Attachment Extractor

Kerry David

EML Attachment Extractor Review Review EMLX Extraction Tool
Yes, EML Attachment Extractor includes best-in-class capabilities that allow attachment extractions according to file type. Only the selected file types, such as.pdf and.xlsx, will be retrieved from EML files using this method.
Yes, the application allows you to save EML attachments to an external pen drive.
It is a standalone utility. No additional software is not required to extract attachments from EML files using this tool.
Yes, the application has a Demo version that allows you to quickly extract limited associated attachments without any restrictions. Later, the software can be upgraded to the premium set.

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